Wednesday, November 23, 2011

I am sorting my buttons...

I am sorting my buttons when I should be baking muffins for tomorrow's dinner. The men came and picked up Mr. Santa Claus this afternoon and it seems everyone is pleased with the final results. I made special birthday cards for my brother-in-law and my dear friend's son's 21st birthday. I decided to dig out some hand printed papers from Zimbabwe in a brilliant blue and gold. I found a special ribbon that appears to shimmer like a woven ribbon in a basket weave..very masculine I think. I guess I will have to photograph show the shimmer. I then went to our Hobby Lobby to check out a few specials for the grandchildren to work on tomorrow while we wait for the turkey to land on the table. I talked to Donna my sister tonight and she is ready to just chill out for a couple days...she is recovering from the all day dentist marathon. I love you dear Donna...just go to sleep and wake up tomorrow grateful it is all over :0)! I love just walking around any store that offers art mind just seems to drift from aisle to aisle dreaming of what might be fun to explore. I am working on my Christmas cards so I can make a timely delivery.

It seems to be a wee bit weird to be home early tonight...I miss my Family night at the Grill with the families. I know they are working very hard to celebrate with great foods and activities! I have shared some of the boys who came into the studio to see the space and discovered I had a life sized Santa around the corner from the door. There were 5...just count them little boys...well one was still in his Mother's arms checking out the stuff artists use to create :0)! The man who cut out the wood came in and I documented him putting his signature with mine on the back...history I am sure. Well I need to get back to work for now. Have a blessed and restful evening tonight. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. There is something very beautiful about mothers and sons...Happy Thanksgiving Blessings! Peace, Mary Helen

  2. Sorting buttons by colour or size? Thank you for your kind comment. xx

  3. Happy Thanksgiving, so much in which to rejoice!