Thursday, November 10, 2011

Support our Troops Now dinner... and working with Dakota.....

I worked on my Santa and began my Christmas cards today. The boots are in and the toy bag has its first layer of green...attempting a velvet look in the end. I learned from another person that the snowmen hostages are no where to be found. I have that sick feeling in my stomach still but hopefully working will help me move on.

I worked with a young man named Dakota. His grandmother asked me to work with him because his older brother has a science club meeting from 4 to 5. Dakota has had numerous serious health issues and has a very limited attention span. I quietly played Michael Buble's new Christmas CD in the background and issued animal crackers with a bottle of water. We did have a pretty good time and he kept asking me if he was the only student today??? I said this was time for just him and me...I wish you could have seen the big smile on his face. He had to get up and move or dance about every three minutes and has limited control with scissors but boy does he love the glue stick and the color green! I worked...collaborated with him...and we made a card for his Grandma who dearly loves this special boy. I asked him to be a very good boy and maybe next week we might be able to paint....what am I getting myself into???

Ken and I attended the spaghetti dinner to support our mailing boxes to our troops for the holidays. I told Darlene...Natasha's mother that I would finish the art project from the works of my Wednesday kids and have them ready to ship in the next boxing night. ken won twice in the evenings gift raffles and we shared our table with two grandparents Jerry and Connie so the evening went well. Both couples enjoyed sharing our grand children stories. I came home and jumped into my pajamas and put in a load of laundry in before I came down here to check the computer and post. It is a cold night with a big bright beautiful full moon gracing my evening sky!!! The light is mesmerizing as the moon dips down to kiss the tree tops. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

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