Friday, November 11, 2011

11/11/11 Happy Veterans Day

I am not sure if anyone is reading ... there were zero if there are no responses I will begin to wonder about this process. Today was a special day for remembering those who have sacrificed for our rights to be free and to protect our country rights for all. I tried to remember each and everyone who I knew who had served as they entered the doorway. The banks and post office were closed ...some schools there were many visitors today in the studio and lots of questions and observations. I realize that there are many reasons to serve ....but for one day a year it is time to remember and thank for the gifts they have given.

I worked on my commission for special Christmas cards for a patron who wants to put photographs of his beloved pups Bailey and Zoey in the cards to his friends and family this holiday season. I enjoyed making these for their child like playful approach to remembering those we love...our four legged family members and the people in our lives. As I was working I had several children come to check on Santa...I did go out after work to pick up the Golden Molding gel to complete his beard and the fluff on his suit. They were just excited to be able to see him come together ...the joy is spreading. Richard came in with his wheel chair and chuckled that I still needed to work on clearing him a road to go around the studio. Richard is also known as the "Can Man" for his collection of discarded aluminum cans ...I assume he is trying to enhance his meager financial situation. He lives in a high rise building right next to the McDonald's located on the courthouse square and the neighborhood is his family. He does have two children who live out West somewhere but very little close family here in town. I get to know so many of these quiet members of my community who fill there days with circling the square and stopping by from time to time. Richard witnesses the smallest and the largest changes ... and most downtown passerby commuters walk by without noticing the slightest of changes. Thank you Richard for sharing your stories with me ...he painted a painting that the healthcare professionals printed into a Christmas card. I told him I would love to see him painting once fill his days with a purpose or focus. I wish you could have seen the twinkle in his eyes when I asked to see his work.

I picked up special materials for the art project for the troops is rather difficult to locate pink jingle bells and pink accents that fit the holiday theme. I cannot explain why this project makes me feel in the feels like pink to me today :0)! I also purchased some more cards and envelopes for card refills. I am making a Holiday purse/small hand bag for someone to give to a loved one and a green frog apron made special for a first grade teacher who loves and collects frogs. If you let me know what you need I will try to create that one of a kind gift just for you. I feel like Ms. Santa when I am able to do this :0)!

Well back to work for tonight. Stay warm and enjoy a cup of hot chocolate with me. Check out the two beaming newlyweds in the photo...they just make me smile when they walk into the room. They radiate light and happiness...I think we should all surround ourselves with happy, loving people. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

p.s. Welcome to Licking county Jocylene from Cincinnati worker for Americorp.... community service for Denison University here ( she is wearing the white coat )


  1. I did not know anything about a do you stop this unneeded filter? Anyone? Anyone??? Peace, Mary Helen

  2. I want to turn off the spam box! Is anyone out there having issues with this invisible comment cop! Thank you, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  3. I'm clueless when it comes to Blogger and all the stranger than fiction things that make the process so difficult sometimes...try going to First Floor Flat on Blogspot. Susie Jefferson is ever so kind and has answered some questions for me.I hope that helps.
    I love the photos of the happy people sharing and do so many wonderful things and I think it's great.
    The date today looks like Happy Corduroy day my new friend...Oma Linda

  4. Don't kmow about spam box Mary Helen. I just do comment moderation but you get to choose in your general section on blogger. I was hanging out with my hubby viet nam veteran yesterday and thinking about my Dad who was a WWI vet as was hubby's Dad. Love your die cut cards. xox Corrine

  5. Love the story about Richard the "Can man"- And love your studio!!!!

  6. Yes, I'm reading, just late sometimes. Hope you get the spam thing figured out. I don't know much about that. I moderate my comments.
    Enjoy all your posts, although I don't comment on every single one of them. Most posts touch me in many ways. Love to see the smiling faces the most. Have a happy day.

  7. Love your posts as usual. Such fun with the kids and the cards!

    I thank a vet often!!! I shall take hubby out to Golden Corral tomorrow as they will serve free meals to vets. Hubby was in the air force for 22 years:)

  8. You must make such a difference in people's lives.