Sunday, November 20, 2011

Remember this young man's name ....Matt Chalk from Groveport, OH

Tonight I worked for the Midland Theater to celebrate the performance of a 75 year young Buddy Guy! What an incredible experience...the man just tore the place up ...he honored Jimi Hendrix...John Hooker...Isaac Hayes... Eric Clapton just to name a few of America's honored guitarists of the century. I even asked and received a guitar pick used by this giant of a talent. Near the end of the concert...without an intermission he invited a young man from Groveport,OH up on stage and the two played "Smoke on the Water" and just played together like real champions. This is a night that I will never forget...Johnny Lang got his start working with Buddy Guy in Chicago. I am sure Matt Chalk and his mother and father will never forget this unforgettable night in Newark, Ohio. The whole audience gave him a rounding standing ovation!

I worked in my studio to clear the decks ...well a wee bit at least and before I knew it I had spent six hours. YEAH I can see the bottom of my desk surface! And I am ready to work in a more orderly manner tomorrow!!! I am going in early to paint and finish my button exchange with Button Floozies so they can go into the mail in the afternoon! Have a great week and continue to count you blessings! Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen


  1. Sounds like you had quite an evening! OMG, you sure did have lots of cleaning to do...yikes!! It's times like that I wish I were Samantha Stephens and it's all cleared up, organized, put away, etc. with just a little wiggle of the nose! LOL Oh well, enter reality!!

    Have a great week and have a wonderful Thanksgiving. I shall be joining my brother and his family in Las Cruces, NM, just a bit up the road from sis, niece and her boyfriend are driving in from Phoenix, and of course, taking Mom, so it should be lots of fun.


  2. Oh hubby loves Buddy Guy, he is quite spectacular....lucky you. xox Corrine

  3. And you were there to see it. That sounds like a super evening. To good people, good things come......and you are a goodie. Have a lovely Turkey day and we'll see ya next week. Oma Linda

  4. Buddy Guy is 75 and very alive!!! I am still in 7TH heaven just remembering the electric energy that filled the entire theater. Buddy even came down off the stage and played all the way up into the balcony ...what a great night! Peace, Mary Helen

  5. Hi Mary Helen, my name is Steve Chalk and Matt is our son. Thank you for the kind words. He had a great time. As you can imagine we are looking for any pictures or videos of Matt and Buddy Guy We do not have any at this time. My email address is