Tuesday, November 29, 2011

daring to be...

I am listening to the sounds of Glee on Fox and the common theme is "daring to be" true to oneself. I am reminded that some days just showing up for the studio is enough to keep me on my journey. I worked on a couple projects and let the Christmas carols flood over my body...filling me a gentle flow that guided me until it was after 4 and I needed to get to Michael's to pick up a couple more supplies for the troops in Afghanistan for their Christmas surprise packages. Ken brought home Chinese Happy Family and we are both having a warming cup of coffee so we can stay awake. I want to work and he is watching the OSU Buckeyes Basketball game versus Duke. It is the simple pleasures that remind us that we are Lucky individuals.

I was reading SOMERSET Studio for Nov/Dec and there is an interesting article about journaling your year. I always think this is a Great idea....but it is very difficult to commit to making a whole year of anything. I am having trouble catching up with my tiny but beautiful to me Inchies. I need to photograph the ones I have completed and finish the last 6 or 7before the end of December. I have to make cookies for the cookie exchange for the Downtown Cookie Walk for the Midland ...I was supposed to make chocolate chip but I have the ingredients for Peanut Butter cookies so this is it! The weather is quietly moving into a wintry mix of sleet and light snow right now...tomorrow could be an interesting ride into the studio. i am sending you all gentle thoughts of appreciation for your support...I am moving very slowly but I am moving
still...I am still here. Imagine and Live in in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

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  1. Well, here's hoping you made in today safely. No snow out here, just cooler weather...in the mid-50's, low 60's. I think I'm going to do that in my studio, put on some Christmas carols...I hope it works...I'm feeling very much out of kilter...perhaps I should take advantage of that gym I pay for every month and don't utilize it...treadmill is sounding better and better...plug in my tunes on my MP3 player and walk to Pavarotti!! It's going to be a "Driving Miss Daisy Day," so maybe I'll need the extra push...or not!! LOL

    Have a great day and please drive carefully.