Monday, November 7, 2011

Time change....why???

I do not understand why we actually change time ...we are not a rural farm society anymore. I am having trouble adjusting and so are my little grand children. Ken is already in bed...I will be there soon because I have been off schedule all day and it will take a couple more days to get adjusted.... for sure.

Ken met me for lunch before he went to see our doctor for his yearly check up and he passed with flying colors!!! Whoopee! We had a simple rice and steak dinner with candle light on the Fall is so good! I worked up a sweat...yes a sweat washing the tile floors and moving things around the studio for more room to paint my dear little Santa. It got warmer than I expected ...almost 70 and on Friday we have predicted snow flurries. I need to keep my vitamin C up and remember to dress for the ever changing temperatures. Candle light just makes you feel good!

Tonight I tried to catch up on my emails and blogs....why does this take so much time??? maybe it is because I type like a three toed sloth...a cute three toed sloth but slow as can be! I am working on finishing my laundry... hopefully going upstairs to work on a few ornament designs that I will bead and embellish while the Santa is drying between coats of paint and sparkle! I need to get my Christmas card commissions started and arrange for the punches to add a different flair to each one. I really should have photographed my piles of stuff piled high on the wet work table before I came is quite a balancing act.

Why do we have the time change now? I will just have to follow the trends but ...well never mind. I will stop complaining now. Today was a gorgeous day ...the last of the leaves are still fluttering in the wind and I listened to the orchestra of song birds still here on my hill this morning. Have a great week in your studio! Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

"No matter how hard the past, You can always begin again. " Buddha

This seems like a very appropriate thought for today! The last of the Gingko leaves are fluttering away!


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  2. Time for blogging is an issue for me too. The time change? I don't have any answers, but it's always an adjustment for me as well. Plus, I end up going around the house for a week or more finding a clock that hasn't been changed, and it throws me off all over again. LOL