Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A frosty day in my neighborhood...

I am very tired but the children have me hopping to get their Art for the Troops completed so they can be mailed next week. The children seem to have an enormous amount of energy tonight and were spinning and hopping and galloping in the central gallery tonight. I would love to have one tenth of their energies and yes they still are in love with glitter and glitter glues! I had some wonderful people come into the studio couple from Bucyrus, OH came over to see the exhibit at The Works for the Remington Gun Exhibit and then walked over for an extended visit ...she is a quilter also. Then this afternoon Hal Stevens came in with a friend who is a silversmith ...we had all met at the Ohio Designer Craftsman Gallery years ago. It felt like old home week as we shared our stories of how our lives have progressed and shared old friends and acquaintances. They brought such sunshine into my studio and my heart. Thank you for blessings my day with your extended years of friendship! I hope you enjoy the photos from a sunny day in the studio! Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. Surrounded by loving friends always busy crwating away! I am also so cheered by your community. xox Corrine