Monday, November 21, 2011

be present...remember acts of kindness...journal/ less

I am almost finished with my jolly old elf...Santa. I am adding the details to his face and the roughness and coal burnishing of his beautiful red wool suit. I was covered with the remnants of this color and that color but he does seem to be coming to life. My photos are from the vantage point where I am standing on top of one of my chairs...not exactly the best way to document this process. Then it trifocals ....the left side of my glasses just fell off. I rushed to the eye doctor's office to see if I could get them repaired before the upcoming holiday. Bad news they could not be repaired...something about the special appendage that could not be fixed so ....I had to wait until he checked to see if they were still under warranty. Good news...they were still under the warranty and a good thing because I honestly do not know where the money would have come from to order new frames. Bad news...they will not be here until next week! I would love to know how my cheap cheap reading glasses never seem to fall apart. Hummm!!!

I finished my Button Floozies ornament exchange and will mail them to my partners tomorrow . I should just be working on my own ornaments but this was such a sweet exchange and I love to bring another artist's working hands to hang on my tree. This Saturday is a special promotion of supporting small businesses but it is also the celebration of my brother in law's 60TH surprise birthday will be a surprise because he has the real birthday in January!!! I am praying that he will have a great surprise and my patrons will understand that I will be closed for the special event. I do know family comes first but I am really proud of my studio and have several small commissions to complete for sales. I will be open for awhile on Friday before the Courthouse lighting and my time to volunteer for our "Nutcracker" at the Midland. In between that point I need to get my clothes and such together for the Saturday and ready for the party.

My daughter Tina and her family invited Ken and I to come and have Thanksgiving dinner with them around 3:00 PM for the actual dinner. I was going to have a quiet dinner with Ken here but I do want to see the grandchildren and my other daughter Sherry will be there with her son Antonio. The holidays have so many high expectations and many are totally unattainable. I love my family and for one afternoon we will share a dinner where we all bring components together to have the feast with those we love. I am praying to say the right things and just enjoy the moment with the children. "Whatever you have to say...say it with Love." Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

Barbara Doan helped Ken and I get a loan for our log cabin home 25 years was difficult at that time to find a comparable home to get a loan. Thank you Barbara for believing in us 25 years ago and Today! You have blessed my family!


  1. Nice to see your Santa. Love your quote about saying it with Love.
    Yes, we are all blessed.
    Everyone should count their blessings. "Count your days by the golden hours, don't remember clouds at all." there's more to that quote, I will have to look it up again. "Count your blessings, not your troubles." My memory fails me right now.

  2. Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family. We all have so much to be thankful for. I know your Santa will bring a smile to many peoples faces.

  3. Santa is spectacular and your orna,ents are adorable. Thankful for a lpng distance friend like you! Happy Thanksgiving. xox

  4. Send me affirmations...I am going in to paint the final details on the Jolly Old Man. I dream of putting a twinkle into his eyes and surprise the hearts of all children. Happy Tuesday! Blessings, Mary Helen

  5. Ahhh...doing less is good, but not less creating. ;)