Monday, November 14, 2011

Monday with my beloved Cole and Morgan and Baby Lyndon

This morning Erin Elizabeth met with the students from COTC's marketing program as they were working on for her at home business "Three Kids and a Kitchen"...her homemade caramel candies she makes in her very own kitchen. Lord I honestly do not know how she does this on top of caring for her three tiny children. Cole and Morgan worked on a simple holiday printing plate ...then inked it with a roller filled with acrylic white paint . They then placed their papers down on top of the print plate and used a brayer for making a solid contact for their holiday print. The only one with paint on them was Me! Cole just laughed when I asked him if I had paint on my tee...he smiled and said Yes and then gave a giggle. After two prints Morgan was done and Cole did not want to even stop ... he was lost in the process as the photos show. Lyndon wanted his Mom to come back...he is the youngest of the three and never wants Mom to be out of his sight. Cole is 4...Morgan is 2 almost 3 in January...and Lyndon is a little over 1 year. I was exhausted when they went home and Lyndon was asleep even as she pulled out of the parking lot. Cole wanted to stay and work in "his" studio with me...I will have to get him over here just by himself have time in the studio of delights and colors and paints!

At lunch Terry stopped by..she had recovered two of the lost needs to be refinished and the other is brand new...never been used. Tomorrow I will photograph the final two and work on the poor worn out snowman...I just learned they were left on the street sign posts until mid August. I have learned a lot out of this unique experience and it will take me awhile to digest the knowledge. Abby stopped by after her mammogram today...good job lady and Abby stayed for lunch. Then Don and Betty came walking through the door and stayed to have lunch ...before I knew it we had a party!!!! This was a great Monday!

I worked on my holiday cards...I have several orders to complete. Tomorrow I will add the Golden Molding paste on the fur on the jolly man's suit and then add his whiskers and fluffy beard. I have purchased some of the Reflection sparkle embellishments and fine fine glitters. I bought the glass bead gel to add a frosty texture to the boots and the suit. I am under a tornado watch at the present with damaging winds and hail and warning sirens going off outside. Remember this is Ohio and many of you have had your first snowfalls already. Be safe and work hard and PLAY hard too! Imagine and live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. Can't wait to see your 'jolly man'. First, we were 85 degrees today. :)
    Hope there are not any tornadoes. I remember those from living in the Tx. panhandle when I was very young.

  2. Just raining here. Heard that Lancaster had 50 mile an hour winds. We were there earlier tonight. Was going to go to Golden Corral for hubby's free Veteran's dinner, but was so packed that we went to have pizza somewhere else instead and then drove back home.

  3. o i hope you are safe from the storms...we are expecting winter here sometime today or tonight...your cards are so cheerful and full of pizazz!! and as always, beautiful, happy smiles adorn your life...

  4. Snowmen hanging up until mid August? Sounds like nobody knew what the heck they were doing. Not my job! Hear that enough these days. sigh
    If those are the snowmen that you worked on last year I remember how much time you put into them. Give them a gentle hug from me.
    Our last nice day before the Canadian cold descends on us, we are told. Despite that my husband has a golf game scheduled for Friday. I guess I better find the long underwear.
    Your grandchildren are getting soooooooooo big.
    They are beautiful and what fun to have them working in your studio place. :)Bea

  5. Tornados, yikes. This late in the year. The kids are already well schooled by grandma in the tools of the trade I see. They were having a ball. Weird warm here, 70 yesterday. I am ready for the crisp cold. xox Corrine

  6. I hope the threats of tornados came to nothing and it's calmed down there, though the map looked pretty threatening over Ohio today, too. Your cards are fabulous, and the kids prints were amazing! so much talent :) Throw in the socializing and it looks like a perfect day - as long as there were no tornadoes in the mix!!
    Wishing you wellness! xoxo K

  7. I always feel such a sense of community when I come to visit...your studio glows with creativity and happy faces!

    Hope your weather calms!

    Happy November dear Mary Helen