Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Tuesday with a naked Santa....

I began working on my life size wooden cutout of Mr. Santa Claus and with a little assistance I should be able to bring the jolly old elf to life for 2011. I enlisted as many of the children who were visiting The Works today for help with their special brushstrokes to add to his jolly red suit. Today the schools were closed for the election and voting. Some of the parents were frightened when I said it was Okay to paint onto the big elf....I reassured them that this was a collaboration of true love and no harm would come from their individual sacred marks. As the photos will show they had fun helping me to complete this big job.

Last year about this time of year.... I painted 12 individual snowmen for the entry signs for the downtown Newark Courthouse Lighting ceremony ...each one was a joy to create and had their own personality and the lovely fleece scarves to match their styles. At lunch....much to my horror... I was informed that these special little men had been throw away....the tears are still burning my eyes. I continued working but the whole time I stewed inside ...how could someone be so insensitive? I do not have money for big donations but ...I created these snowmen for the children to enjoy for years to come. My grandchildren...and all the little ones who keep the spirit of the holidays in their hearts. After work I went to see the mayor...Mayor Bob ....I knew he could try to get down to the bottom of the monkey business. After about one hour...Art Lady had calmed down and he thinks he has discovered where the snowmen are being held captive...probably for a ransom. Hopefully tomorrow we will receive verification and location of these small hostages to be touched up and returned to their regal posts before the lighting of the courthouse on Friday after Thanksgiving. Cross your fingers and your toes....I am praying for a miracle on second street. I am still trying to adjust to the time change...so good night for now . I am exhausted from the snowman dilemma. Peace, Mary Helen


  1. This is the 'throw away' and buy a new one philosophy at its worst! Not only wasting time and materials but lack of appreciation for your time and labor. Good for you to complain!

    The childrens faces in your photos show the joy of making things.

  2. Like Patty said, I always notice all the smiles -- "the children's faces in your photos show the joy".

  3. I am so sorry....what disregard to your amazing time and dedication....
    I have to say it again, I so enjoy the faces of the beautiful children.....

  4. How fun that Santa is a cooperative project! He looks great so far! I hope the snowman are, indeed, recovered!

  5. What a fabulous project - I'm so sorry about last year and so hope that the missing snowmen are found intact and ready to dance!
    Thanks so much for visiting my blog!