Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Tea for Tuesdays...oh what a beautiful day we have had here today!

The day became a glorious almost perfect morning and the that was right before our visiting house guest..Mr. Domino peed in our bed! (Remember he is a six month old puppy.) I was not in the mood for this auspicious event and doing three loads of laundry. This was the moment I soon learned we had very little water pressure to even do the laundry. As you can see I have had a few minor delays before I even made it to the studio.

Ken came down for lunch and brought three more boxes of beads, buttons, metal collections and several collections of ephemera for future jewelry projects ...well at least I am gathering supplies to experiment with Ice resin. I have watched several learning videos on the web and I think this process could be intriguing. I now have my own YUDU and am planning on using my 50% coupon of some of the inks and screens that are needed to make screen prints. Now I need to designate specific time to experiment when the central gallery is quiet and I can work in isolation. I am discovering that getting organized has its advantages even if my table is now a total mess...I realize I am on the right track.

Tomorrow I am planning a Father's Day card project for family night. My young student Kaycee is coming down to see me and help me unpack another three boxes. The tags are being made as I relocate a couple storage units in my studio. I will let Kaycee cut black/white stencil cutouts so the small children will have their design elements ready to glue to their cab car. Wish me well...I never know how many children will arrive but they as a group are learning to share "me" when there is a rush at the Art Table.

Today a dear friend George Leach came to check on me... he is an incredible painter and father to twin boys that will melt your heart. George reminded me that I need to remember to make my own works as well as create diverse outreach projects. Thank you George...I need to make a list and post it for myself as a reminder to be true to my dream. imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. George is so right. Time seems to slip away and although all the work you are doing is wonderful you do need to schedule blocks of time for your own work. It's what will reenergize you too. I guess I missed a post about your new little house guest. It's been a while since Murphy was a puppy but I remember having to get up in the middle of the night to trundle him outside. lol :)Bea

  2. Puppies are so cute - at 6mos, he should be learning not to wet the bed!!!We need to see a pic of him!!
    You will have to let us know how you like your Yudu - I have been thinking of getting one!

  3. Hi there - I'm playing catch-up after a very hectic couple of months - I hope your shingles are better. I do so love looking t all the photos of kids making art that you post - it's so much fun to see the delight in their eyes and their fearlessness in creating! Peace, Linda