Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Splotch paintings for all...

I am tired right now but I truly loved working with the children tonight making splotch paintings and then seeking to search for a magical creature or flower garden that they could use magic colored pencils to embellish. We had a special ice cream cake to celebrate a birthday of one of the weekly patrons of the deli here on second street. It was a delicious treat and added to the gay atmosphere. I attempted to keep the art activities dedicated to the young children...this is for them with me as a guide. I fail to see how setting up a competition between child and adult could help them ...we all create from our life experiences and to be honest the youthful approach is often fearless and to be envied. I think it was Picasso who once said he painted his whole life to be able to once again to feel free to paint like a child. As you see the photos I think you will smile when you look at their delicate and fun brushstrokes.

Tomorrow I have two students coming in to explore the art of collage so I want to give them several we all can play with this concept of layering a personal narrative. I want to include some intuitive sketches in their composition I will post later on how well this approach works. I have all the supplies ready but I want to make the table ready early so they can just come in and relax. On Friday we have the Final Art Walk with dogs as the theme...I am considering taking my Rosie to work with me for the event but I honestly do not know what she will do or how she will behave. Rosie knows no strangers.

I hope to maintain my energies tomorrow...We have family coming in to visit on Monday from Philadelphia for a couple days so we have grocery shopping and preparations to make before then. I am praying for good weather so the children can go swimming and come back and have a cookout. Then we will all head out to meet up with a family reunion on Saturday in Indianapolis. Busy busy busy...time to just slow down and reflect. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. Splotch paintings is a lot like cloud gazing and searching for angels, gardens, faces, etc. The day is full of miracles. Peace, Mary Helen

  2. This looks likes so much fun! Thank you Mary Helen, for your many visits and comments!! ; ^ ) lenna

  3. Now I know why you never sleep!!!! Fun, intuitive work. xox Corrine

  4. Looks like fun! What a happy group!