Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sunday...the graduation circuit...

The future looks bright for us all...we have attended a couple wonderful graduation parties this past weekend. I can really appreciate the importance of celebrating these wonderful moments in a young person's life. Yes, this is the beginning of many years and future training and schools but for a moment I was able to gaze into the eyes of our future. Nurses, architects, artists, journalists, future parents of our grand children... the world will be fine if we support their dreams and mentor them when the time is right. Their parents have done a remarkable job and supporting families circle around when times happen to get a little rough. Congratulations to you all and thank you for including us in this celebration of the passages in their young lives.

Ken and I attended the Weathervane Summer Theater production of "Little Shops of Horrors" here in Newark. This is their 43 season and something that is a real jewel in our community. Their Y-Art Summer program for children is expanding and we will have Shakespeare on the Lawn for all who might enjoy the master's words. Our next play is Alfred Hitchcock's "39 Steps...a comedy and drama combination which should be interesting.

I did get some extra rest today and the Shingles are beginning to show some signs of healing. Still I did not get the work I had planned to do this weekend comes first. I found the proper jewelry glue for my glass pendants and will finish the silver necklace tomorrow and return to the Midland for the auction on Friday. I really cannot afford to go to the dinner but maybe next year. I am working on my Inchies for last week and tomorrow's..."home" and "merriment" for this week. Hopefully I will have them posted tomorrow.

On Friday The Works celebrated their first summer concert and my Erin brought over the three little ones. What was not to love? ice books for summer reading and beautiful weather !!!! If you look at the photos with Erin and the three kids you might believe that they think she is a living Jungle gym....what an incredible mother. But I do believe Fun was had by you can see that I did not get as much done on Friday as I thought I was suppose to do...or did I? I believe I made the right choice! Peace be with you all. Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. We celebrated our graduates at church yesterday~~every single one heading to college and for the most part, majors already chosen!
    What a bright group.....when I was their age, I did not have a clue! (still don't! LOL!!!)
    Hope the shingles leave SOON~~most unwelcome guests that they are.
    TAke care my friend...


  2. What a glorious weekend it was here for graduations. The weather couldn't have been more sunny and a light breeze made those caps and gowns bearable to wear. Summer, I think, has finally begun. xox Corrine