Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Do we plan too much for our children? the summer? or all year?

Tonight the kids came in the central gallery in shifts...some running from Karate...some running to a baseball game ....some heading to a tumbling class...I think you get my drift. I planned a continued watercolor workshop exercise this week as we played with painting dragonflies. I had watercolors, art watercolor pencils, gel pens and good old glitter glue in gold sparkles. It began kind of slow but the kids Scott and Lizzie were first at the table and eager to make their brushstrokes visible. I surprised Lizzie with a new pink stamp pad...her favorite color is pink for sure. Scott was busy while his watercolor dried as he tried to capture a bird in the courtyard with his extra popcorn. Josh just wanted to paint paint paint and then run run run after his older brother. Then a couple of the older girls dropped by and immediately began experimenting wit the magic pencils...several colors are in one large pencil and express themselves when you just sketch...plenty of easy fun! I am tired but I think the kids enjoyed the evening...but they had to rush in...then gobble down the foods...and then rush to their next appointment. To be honest I observed that they sort of enjoyed just sitting still and playing with a simple dragonfly. Next week I have plans to make Father's Day is a dump truck. The second one is a small checker cab sort of car with details that are glued over a blank white shape of a car. Anyway I continue to move forward with plans for the 4TH of July Star lesson.

I stopped by my Goodwill on the way home and found a 1970 Hair program from the Schubert Theater. I have just enjoyed having a mind memory journey back to 1970. I am not too sure what I plan for this treasure but would it be legal to scan some of the information into my computer and use the images in a "context" wall hanging quilt for an exhibit this Fall? I would love to reminisce once again about my life in the year of 1970 when I was living in the Arcade apartments at a $45.00 a month rent for my first two bedroom apartment. I guess I will have to check into the copyright laws and such. What do you know about this?....Help! Stay cool and enjoy the rest of the week. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

p.s. Thank You Lynne Hoppe for allowing me to share her portrait of Doris Jean with my portrait students. You are so correct...sharing is the way we should be as artists! Gracias!

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  1. I always loved summer crafts (in my day it was making lanyards and drawing/coloring) but now there are so many wonderful mediums to work with. I think it is great to keep the kids busy during summer break but not (too) busy. They also need time to play and explore and discover. Thank you for sharing these great photos!