Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Hold fast to your dreams....

Today was Family Night at the Grill and a celebration of the end of the school year for most students around here. There was a real lightness in the air as the children began to run around the central gallery. It is almost as if the weight of the school burdens had been lifted from their was time to be a kid once again. I planned working with a resist on rice papers with a wash of watercolors and Asian stamps for borders. The resist would no really cooperate as I had seen before ....I could not get the special effect I had wanted so we will return to this lesson in the near future. My grand daughters came in with a flurry of activity and anxious to get started. I gave them their journals to paint the covers before they head down to Myrtle Beach in 10 days. I want to work with each one of them to create a beach bag to hold their belongings while at the beach. As you can see I think we had a good time and they want to know what we will do next week.... I think we will return to stencils again but who knows.

Several visitors came in today...some with joyful news...a new exhibit next year in the central gallery...way to go Sandy! Another visitor came in with a much too heavy heart ...a loss of a dream and she was just searching for a safe place to land her broken heart. My last visitor came in to finish and frame one of her last projects for her digital classes and honestly they were all just superb when the framing was completed.

I did get to watch a refresher video so I can prepare to work with students with bake able Fimo clays . I need to get some practice and bring in my clay lasagna machine to get the clays into a softer more pliable forms for little hands to mold into their works of Art. This is a project where
it would take more than one week to complete but it offers more opportunities for diverse activities and holiday projects.

Well I need to get to bed...I still have not put my Inchie together...yikes i would have to serve a detention if I felt better. I need to get to the doctors tomorrow morning for a change in medications ...shingles are quite a bitch! Have a great day and create your dreams today! Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. It sounds like a wonderful day in the studio! Love seeing the splashes of watercolor! My husband still has a couple of weeks left in this school year. Then he starts teaching summer school!

  2. What a life you lead, Mary Helen!! However, take care of yourself and as for shingles...pooochie!! I have a dear friend who is fighting that right now, but I told her things will improve after today, since she's a 3rd grade teacher...little people sure don't help!! LOL

    Have a great week and take care.