Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day to all of the Fathers I love....

I have had a very busy weekend and will try to back track and renew the gifts I have received. I took Ken to our neighborhood restaurant with "some pretty OK food"...Dave and Flo's Bake and Brew restaurant. He chose French toast with eggs and bacon and I went to the BIG breakfast with eggs, pancakes, bacon,sausages and toasty fried potatoes. No I never eat all of this breakfast but I enjoy Dave's cooking and take half home to make into a breakfast sandwich for tomorrow morning. We see several of our friends on Sunday after church services. I then went downtown to the studio to make three more of my special car cards for celebrating Father's Day. Then we dropped by Tina Marie's to drop off Domino's crate so he can continue his "puppy training" and future Housebreaking! Then Ken and I tried to call our dear father/friend...Mr. Don and delivered his special card to celebrate Father's Day. We sat and talked for a while to catch up on his week since the heart catherization ...he is still in the dark about future details so I want to keep him up in spirits.

We rushed home and I did another load of dishes and laundry and we went to Erin and Chance's for a home baked roast, fresh corn on the cob, baked olive oil and herb potatoes and laughter for dessert with three charming little spirits and fresh, sweet cantaloupe. Cole and I made ART for over an hour and I shared circles, dashes and spirals in bright colors and we shared our ideas with each other. I am going to share some of our designs but to be honest I was enthralled by his focus and bold strength in his marks. I worked on an Aboriginal design inspiration and he developed some spirit of Aboriginal marks as well as a landscape and a special super hero weapon that only hurts the evil doers. His mother, my beloved Erin shared her special book of drawings he made during his last weeks of his preschool program. Stunning, tiny marks that created details that defy description or my humble explanations.

Saturday I worked during a horrendous thunderstorm during the afternoon and worked on some background exercises ...I am working to get back to my own ideas on some brush strokes to canvas. I picked up a few things on clearance at Michael's for next Wednesday's Family night. Then Ken had ordered The Tourist from Net Flix and the photography was just spectacular ....but I kept falling asleep. Hopefully I will have time to watch it once again only this time I plan to stay awake...LOL!

Friday I went out to my dear friend's barn sale ...she is preparing for some major changes in her life and hopes to sell her beautiful farm and home. I could only afford about $50.00 but I do plan on saving for her next sale in July. I bought some ribbons for ten cents a roll and bits and pieces for future holiday and Christmas ornaments...yes I am planning to make the rent this Christmas and hopefully a bit to cover January and February 2012. We did not make it to the second "Party on the Roof" with Arnett Howard and his Creole Funk Band...the rains returned and we were both exhausted. I had just had my oil changed in the Geo ...for a $46.00....I gasped as she said the amount of the bill. Yes, I will be able to get a small rebate but I was blown away by the costs of car repairs and maintenance.

I pray you all have had a great weekend with your dear families and beloved Fathers. Monday is another gift...the present is sharing the time with those you love today and forever. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. You are right about presents, and your sweetie looks pretty darn happy surrounded by all those cuties. xox Corrine

  2. The gift of time is one you can never buy...we won't remember the new car or maybe the TV ...but time sitting at the kitchen table over a home cooked meal are priceless. Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart