Monday, June 20, 2011

Every Inchie Monday....Woman

I had a mixed up day filled with ups and downs but finally I did finish my attempt at being funny with the word inspiration for "woman". For some reason I kept going back to "boobs and belly buttons". This is how a young child down at the Works described a lady who was walking through the central gallery. I hope you smile and see how we must look to at times to the small ones in the peanut gallery. It is supposed to make you all smile!

I have been limiting my time on the computer and avoiding my Facebook and emails for days at a time... at times it seems I forget to really enjoy my handwork or paintings because I end up spending too much time on the computer and summer is busy in itself. I am not going away...I am just taking a slight rest from the daily grind of answering mindless surveys and who the heck thought up those time stealing games of a million silly questions and farm animals on Facebook. I do not text....sorry. I do not twitter or tweet...another distraction in my day that I fail to see how I truly make connections with others out there in the Internet world. I do enjoy a quick summary in my personal blog post but as of late I enjoy reading my network partners and following their individual processes and journeys. Maybe after the summer activities ...I will return more focused and willing to invest the time in the newest and latest gimmicks on the computer.

I need to pack my car for the studio...Have a great week and find the time to really create and play. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. Tehehee, boobs and belly buttons, that sure made me smile.

  2. Well, children do have a way of telling it like it is and making us realize that we take things FAR too seriously most of the time! :-) Thanks for the smile! Oh..and wonderful inchie!

  3. I'm with you, Mary Helen. I too don't tweet, twitter, etc. As for FB, I don't play those games nor take the surveys...I occasionally will post something, but other than that, I read comments and posts of friends.

    Love the inchie too...very cute. I once donated a piece of art to the Susan Komen Foundation....I made a little tin pin holder, complete with pins...I called them, "Boobie Pins!!" LOL

    Have a great week and btw, I love your Oaxaca carved animals. I have 3 carvings which I collected many years ago, however, they're now prohibitively priced in this country.


  4. Great inchie! A funny post.....I wonder myself how a game about farms and animals can be so popular?

  5. It all takes far more time than we have in most days, guess we have to pick and choose what's most important, eh! I think you have it figured out. xox Corrine

  6. LOL! You're inchie DID make me smile! Great inchie and very good interpretation!