Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Summer Solstice, Fairy Gardens and Splotch Monsters....

Today was the summer's solstice...the longest day of the year and perfect for preparing your very own Fairy garden with about 80 Curious Kids at The Works. Wilson's Garden Center and Marcia Downes with half a dozen of her very best volunteers united to tell the story of how we learn about Solstice celebrations around our globe. It was a hot and humid afternoon but the children and adults both seem to create a memory for their summer of 2011. I think the photos convey this joy better than my words.

Vicki and Cherie stopped by to check out the events of the day and share their adventures. Ken had delivered two more boxes to the studio so I had my hands full reorganizing before tomorrow's Family Day. Thursday I am planning a couple of collage lessons for the afternoon and hopefully we will make a memory and a giggle for two more "kids". Chris Lang came down after her workout...she inspires me to do more physically and to be more healthy; and we talked about some possible drawing activities/classes I would like to organize for this Fall. Summer is too busy for everyone and families with vacations etc. I would also like to make a class of one or possibly two to make some small quilted pins (and or a cuff story bracelet). And the last small workshop would be for a small wall piece that tells a story of personal choice or narrative.

When everyone departed I spent the hours until 6 pm just preparing my lesson for tomorrow night and sorting my bits and pieces of metal ephemera to add to my small "text" project for a Fall exhibit. I came home to thunderstorms and hot dogs ...then before I knew it a quick nap. Now as I finish a load of laundry and pop out a quick post I am actually going to bed early. Happy Summer Solstice to you all and dance around in your very own fairy garden tonight...amongst the sweet raindrops. Peace be with you ...you do believe in Fairies don't you? Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

p.s. I did say hot hot this afternoon was..92 degrees with 99 % humidity...very uncomfortable, sticky conditions to muster up one's imaginations

Tell me what you see in my Splotch.... I am still turning the paper around so we will see what tomorrow's dreams bring to fruition on paper.

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  1. Mary-Helen, these a really wonderful photos of a super event.
    Thank your for your comment on my woman's bag and I am smiling with you!