Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Tea for Tuesdays....heat...humidity...thunderstorms....and a 32 ounce glass of iced tea

The heat is turning up and the afternoon thunderstorms are dramatic so I sipped on good old iced ea all day long. Casey is out of school and has returned to volunteer at the Works..and visit my studio. Vicki came in and shared her beautiful Prayer Shawl she has created and the second one she has just begun...it was a quiet time for both of us as we worked across from each other at the table. She brought me some wonderful paper scraps that will be employed in a very short time with my family night program. I have just about finished my commission for four special cards and I sold another one today to a sweet lady who might want to have private lessons to work on her art works. Between storms a family came in and the small boy named Clayton brought in his pastel work inspired by Georgia O Keefe ...he wanted to share his cherished treasure with me. I have the best job in the world. They also inquired about special art classes during this summer...who knows maybe summer will not be as hard to cover the rents.

Angel came in from the Midland and modeled the fused glass necklace I donated to the auction this coming Friday. I will have to practice my jump ring maneuvers and tool choices in the future but I honestly loved the finished product . I would love to wear it...and hopefully someone with more money than me will want to wear my design also. I went on line and checked prices and hopefully it could help bring in the funds for the education programs fro 2012. We will see.

I have been trying to locate "web" spray to add another layer of textures to my papers but so far my best advice was to wait to find it around Halloween at the specialty stores. I will attempt to locate this specialized paint at Odd Lots or a new place called Ollie's to check their wild inventory. If you have any suggestions let me know in the comment box.

I came home and Mr. Ken had picked up Chinese for tonight's dinner... what a nice surprise and easy fixings for two tired cowboys after a long day of heat. Ken is going to help Miss Erin with her caramel order for a big order from a special client. I do think he will have fun with the three little angels and help him relax at the end of the school year's hectic chaos.

Have a wonderful evening and hopefully you will be in a cool and safe bed tonight or working in your studio tonight. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. I love your tag Mary Helen. The spirit of connection, that's what it is all about. xox Corrine

  2. Oh, just look at all of that wonderful art! You asked on my blog about the dress form paper - you are a no-reply blogger, so I couldn't respond via email, but it is a patterned paper by Webster's Pages. It is gorgeous!

  3. Lovely necklace and artwork!
    Getting hot here too, so cranked up the air in the house. Just had to get my vehicle's air charged yesterday. I shall have some ice tea with you!

  4. Found a link for the company--it has places that carry the product.


    Looks like we'll be having the thunderstorms today; fool that I was I was out for 1 1/2 hrs yesterday mowing...can you say DUH????
    Hope it cools things down a bit~~too tired to even focus in the studio, and I really-REALLY need to work in here today!
    Take care!!!