Thursday, June 16, 2011

Family night at the Grill Deli and Weathervane tonight....

Last night was family night and the children made their fathers special cards for Sunday's celebration and family reunions. My youngest was an 8 month old artist who made his card for Dad with the help of his two year old big brother and four year old big sister. I can really begin to tell a difference in confidence that the children who have been coming for the last two months as they dive in with different materials and request special "design elements". They ask if they can add this...or subtract that... or do I have such and such to add to their design? I just have to admit that I am very tired after this long day but the truth is I am very proud of our work together. I fell asleep last night in my clothes when I came home last night...yes I slept in my clothes but I did sleep soundly! I hope you understand when I failed to post last night.

Tonight Ken and I attended a mad cap comedy/drama inspired by Alfred Hitchcock's "39 Steps".
We had a quick dinner at Bob Evans and then found our way to the Weathervane Theater for an evening of pure enjoyment and good old fashioned English humor. The guardians of the theater have created beautiful gardens with plans to add a vegetable section next summer so that the interns and actors can enjoy home grown fresh vegetables all summer long. I hope if you get a chance to see this play you will go for it... it is an excellent diversion from all the summer weather hoopla and storms. I hope you enjoy the photos and visitors in today's studio ...a couple from Louisville, KY came in and we laughed as we shared memories of our old neighborhoods and growing up in the 1960's in Pleasure Ridge Park. What a small world we live in. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

p.s. Weathervane Theater for 39 steps....

Family night and Father's Day cards...Varoom!

Vintage buttons from memory lane and Virginia

Collage cards and future lessons for my students...robots... astronauts...

Domino...the pee baby puppy caught being good...

and check out my new storage unit with beautiful baskets!!!!


  1. It's great to see the kids so engaged and you right along with them. Falling asleep in your clothes, why not! Happy day my friend. xox Corrine

  2. As always I'm amazed at your energy and all you do. Nothing wrong with sleeping in your clothes.

  3. My sweet friend, please don't ever apologize for not posting right then and there....the fact that you fell asleep in your clothes speaks volumes...take care, please.

    Looks like everyone had a great I wish we lived closer, wait, maybe not...we might get into some trouble...oh well, the law won't bother with a couple of middle age, crazy artist types!! LOL

    Have a great weekend and as for local theatre here, I haven't been to a play since one of my classmates from college, this last time around, was in a play and my hubby and I attended for support.


  4. your storage unit is fabulous, but you are the real gem here, how great is it to be such an inspiration to young people...xx