Thursday, June 2, 2011

O day of collecting only the best...and a found piano bench

I continued working on the graduation cards and put together the Goodwill find that i feel like I stole yesterday for $4.50. Black wired with two low wired trays ...I fit it with some discarded black foam core from the trash upstairs and now have a black and white box to hold and conceal my inks. I have a row for my card stock and easy access for impromptu drop ins for a quick lesson. Today I continued my refresher video for working with the polymer clays that can be easily baked in my small toaster oven. Then my little buddy Carter Mason who is three years old came over to make a Father's Day card for his Daddy and a small watercolor for his Mother Angela who was working across the hall to help out at the Deli. vacations are beginning and tomorrow we have the very first concert in the courtyard from 11:30 until 1:00. The place will be hopping!!! and this afternoon the Carnival people drove in to set up for a weekend for the annual Strawberries on the Square Festival. I better get to work early so I can find a parking place close to the studio.

I went back for the demonstration and exhibition from the COTC Digital Classes students. Boy the future looks bright...they had their portfolios ...their video games...robotic designs and films. Now some will move forward to study down in Savannah College of Art and Designs....Shawnee College...and several have found gainful employment. Miracles are happening right now...we may have to look closely and take baby steps...but change is a coming :o)!

I do not have any new photos today...I forgot the memory card in the printer and found out when I tried to capture my young Picasso ...CARTER Mason! Have patience with me...I have been distracted the last few days...I even left my gate open without locking it the other day. I scared my dear friends across the hall...they were apprehensive about going into the studio ...almost expecting me to be lying on the floor!!! Have a great day tomorrow and go have some fun!!! Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

These photos are my visual poem for the gifts I have received in the last 10 days...i am so grateful for the moments in my artist's much to do and so little time.


  1. I love that barn photo! And the table with all those collages items and wire baskets, great vignette and I see your black and white! xox Corrine

  2. Those sculptures are amazing!

  3. Great gifts, Mary are so blessed. One word of caution while working with polymers and children, make sure they wash their hand thoroughly after use and that they don't eat anything while using the clay. Also, make sure little fingers don't go into mouths or up noses!! LOL

    Have a wonderful day, and I hope your feeling better with those blasted shingles.