Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Final Friday Art Walk...Newark goes to the dogs...

Friday was one long day for me...I began with a busy day in the studio...and then I promised to be open to allow the watercolor artists to have a second opening to coordinate with the Final Friday Art Walk. I had hoped they would have a larger turnout with a tiny bit of word of mouth or an email from the LCA to announce this second chance opening. Unfortunately there was a very small attendance but they had plenty of wine and snacks and cheese. I pleaded with them to be ready to leave by 8 o clock because this was a second opening and I needed to get home....the last time I agreed to help keep the central gallery open ended up being a 12 hour day for me and I was in bed on Saturday for most of my day. My Lupus just does not permit me to have the long days i used to perform without a second thought. I found myself a bit disappointed because not one artist came in to buy even a small card help cover my rent. I have been warned that people do not take you serious if you are not being paid for even your time. I think I have lived to learn another lesson...if I am tired and do not feel appreciated I need to just say no without guilt. Enough said.

Ken gave my Rosie a bath and she was all excited to be coming down to the Art Walk but unfortunately she just could not settle down. I was hoping she would get used to our second second home at least ...but I will have to try to have her accompany me on a Saturday so she can acclimate to the new surroundings and take her mandatory naps on my futon in the small office area. Maybe next time we will experiment with our quiet time together. I love her because she never complains or criticizes my works. :O)

Today I went down in a solitary experience making my work table more presentable when my little brother arrives with his family on Monday morning for a couple days of family reunion. I went to the grocery for the preliminary shopping for the extras we will need with 5 extra house guests. Ken made his special sauce for the baby back ribs and tomorrow I will begin my baking for easy breakfast foods for in the mornings. We taste tested our favorite farm stand fresh corn...and yes it is sweeter and we should be ready to pick up about 18 more ears of sweet corn and tomatoes for the dinner table.

I need to work on my Inchie for Monday...the inspiration is "harmony" and I had planned on a ying and yang medallion piece but today I found something more enticing to make. I need to get it finished before Monday so I can enjoy my family for a couple days. Have a great weekend and make time to create...even with company coming. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. Sometimes the saying no is more important than saying yes, You give so much sometimes it's best to give to yourself in the form of rest and renewal. xox Corrine

  2. Thank you Corrine...I needed to hear that today. It has taken a lot of my get up and go...and today I felt weary. I am taking a couple days to try to keep up with my family. Peace, Mary Helen