Monday, June 13, 2011

Every Inchie Monday....Sisters and the opening of Potpourri....

Every Inchie Monday this week is "Sisters". My sister Donna Marie is 11 months younger and about 5 inches shorter in height. Irish Twins is what my grandmother used to call us as we grew up like Mutt and Jeff in Louisville, KY. I always wanted to be petite and she wanted to be tall...but in the end we each grew up to be just what we should have and we both sort of resemble our mother Rosie. My embellishments include three little monkeys because we have learned to "speak no evil, hear no evil and see no evil". For as you all understand sisters have an incredible bond to one another even when they are separated by the years or the miles. The third sister does not have to be born from the same sacred sister and I have been friends for over 25 years and now she lives in Tucson and I remain here in Ohio ...we are never separated by more than a heart beat.

The exhibit Potpourri opened last Friday and I am sharing the beautiful works and incredible friendships these special sisters have shared over the years with their beloved and dedicated teacher ...Marilyn Stocker. The ages of these incredible women have about a four decade span in ages but are totally united in the rhythms of their gentle, trusting hearts. Their styles are diverse but I think you can appreciate their dedication as they each explore each new technique and style presented. I hope you enjoy their exhibit. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

p.s. I am sorry I am so slow putting these photos up for you Sandy and The Potpourri Artists...I had a small set back after Friday and took a whole day to recuperate ...Happy Monday and Have a great week!!!


  1. Welcome to my studio Kojo Kamau and Ms. Pepper. I am hopeful you both will return to Newark in the near future for another visit. Thank you Kojo for believing in me 25 years ago! Sandy Gardner is Chance Brockaway's daughter ...your friend from decades ago. Peace be with you as the circle remains unbroken. Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  2. Love what you wrote and what you did with your sisters inchi. Your photos of your pot porri look great.

  3. Your life is so filled with fun! Love your inchie!!!

  4. Jeez woman, you live such an incredible life!! What fun! And I agree with the "sister bond." My sis and I are 4 years apart and you couldn't find 2 women who are more opposite as we are. Not only physically, but personality-wise also. In fact, my brothers and I are very different from each other too, excluding the gender differences, of course. I seem to be the only who catches on to jokes and makes quick wisenhiemer remarks than any of them, and believe me, it's wasted on them!! Hahahahahahahaha!!

    Anyway, my sis lives in Phoenix and as long as my niece remains there, she will too...she already told her that when she and the boyfriend get married and buy a house, that to make sure it comes with a large enough backyard so she can build her "mother-in-law" daughter and I DO NOT have any such plans...we'd end up killing each other!! She already told me she's going to put me in Senior housing when I'm older than dirt...told her as long as I have a space to create, no prob...and I won't be doing any babysitting either!! hahahaha!!

    Take care and God bless.


  5. Those three little monkies are right on! LOVE your sisters Inchie, and thank you for sharing the lovely photos and event!

  6. Love your sister inchie. Lots of goodness planted all over it. Looks like everyone had a wonderful time at the event!