Thursday, May 19, 2011

Today I went to witness our future...thanks to some incredible teachers

This afternoon I visited our local high school to attend their annual student art exhibit. I have several samples in my hopefully you will enjoy a brief visit into the works and sacred marks of young artists. They have developed an appreciation for their favorite known artists and listened to the gentle guidance of their dedicated teachers. Take a moment to enjoy the view...their chocolate m&m cookies were very good also. Bravo! Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

Which image spoke to you? I wish more parents would have been able to see this year of works. Art Saves Lives!


  1. They are all great but I think the teacup is my favorite!

  2. Amazing works by our young folk. I want to meet the pottery teacher. she/he must be quite an inspiration, that work is fantastic! xox Corrine

  3. Yes i do agree the tea cup is fabulous and the young woman who teaches the ceramics program is phenomenal! Have a great weekend! Art Laves Lives! Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  4. It is always so interesting to go to high school art shows.
    The installation with the soldiers intrigues me.