Monday, May 9, 2011

I apologize to my Inchie crew...

I have the Inchie sewn but the embellishment will have to wait one more day. My grand daughter Maya Rose is in the Drama Club and tomorrow she is the Fairy in the school program. I had to find a dress and alter it to create a special costume tomorrow at show time at 6:30 pm. I found cheetah shoes with sequins , silver tights, jewelry, headband, and bright pink bracelets ... I think i will photograph them tomorrow before and after she is totally dressed...i still do not know if how the fit is going to work. I made a cocoon shawl instead of fairy wings....and a magic wand is the next item I need to find or fashion for her. I did do "Fancy" work tonight but not on my Inchie.

Tomorrow I will have a luncheon presentation of my quilt works and my personal journey as an artist. Hopefully they will make an honorarium donation and it will help me with the rent. I also redid the calligraphy for the Hospice is a small donation to honor the charter members for their generosity and vision in making this incredible organization assist families as they prepare to say goodbye to their loved ones. I remember the loving touches and prayers I received when my mother was in her last hours here on earth. I can never forget the kindness of strangers and nurses during those last difficult days with Mom.

I will get back to you all tomorrow. Thank you for your kind encouragement when I was near despair over my ink mishap. "Que sera sera" does go on! Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

p.s. The calligraphy in process and the collages were created to allow my frustrations with the mishap "out". Tomorrow the landscape will appear...hopefully after my luncheon.


  1. Hope your talk went well and you are on the way to completing the calligraphy. I can't wait to see the fairy costumes. We were visiting the fairies in the forest of redwoods here, quite spectacular. Photos when I return. xox Corrine

  2. I can't wait to see the costume you created! I hope the luncheon goes well!

  3. You're such a wonderful grandmother! Wish I had my little guys around to "make" costumes!! Hope your talk went well and you got a little something for your time and deserve it.

    Have a wonderful week, take care and God bless.