Saturday, May 21, 2011

My last 48 hours with the HOBY youth conference....

Years ago Hugh O Brien began a movement to encourage the youth of the USA to learn skills in leadership, empowering with education, experiences in community building ....building a brighter Future. I have been participating since 2008 and each time I return home knowing the world is in a better place with the future leaders coming up through the ranks. I had my lunch with the Pros on Friday and attended a Diversity Panel Discussion to raise awareness that different is not superior or inferior....just different. This was very enlightening and gave the youths quite a bit to think about. I returned today to work on The Paulis Quilt project with the HOBY youth in a quest to create 218 fleece / quilted throws to be placed on the bunks for children with serious illnesses at the Flying Horse Camp. We strip cut, designed loosely, and I strip sewed the borders for as many of the colorful coverlets. I plan on making a visit up to see the facilities in the next couple of weeks. I am tired but once again I have demonstrated Art Saves Lives! Have a great weekend ! Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

Baird Krueger in the red tee shirt has been volunteering for HOBY for 30 years...he is one of my heroes!

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  1. a life with purpose serves others and helps them be all that they can imagine with love. this is very inspiring. when we only hear about all that's broken in the world(via newscasts and internet), it's refreshing to come here and read there are people fixing and healing Souls like you.
    michelle, your soulfriend