Thursday, May 26, 2011

celebrate the new and old together....

I was working on my Father's Day and Graduation cards today when several visitors stopped by for an informal chat...I continued to work as my mind flew ...have you ever been in such a deep awareness of a process and found yourself interrupted? I am getting pretty good at continuing my heart understands the need to have a humane environment...good for both the artists and the patrons.

I went to Michaels art store and discovered they had the YUDU screen printer on sale from $300.00 to $99.00...well I just had to give in and bought it even before I knew it would even fit in my tiny car. I have waited for quite awhile and this was one opportunity to select a new design tool that could be employed in my summer opportunities for my young students. I can hardly wait to unpack and discover the possibilities for canvas bags...tees....fabric for my Text quilt due in September. I will keep you posted as my energies allow and learn to PLAY out loud.

Tomorrow is the Final Friday Art Walk and my dear friends Chris Lang is opening at the Argyle Studios with her Felted landscapes. Sandy Gartner will offer her images from the Urban Art Gallery opening across from city hall. The walk is from 5 to 8 pm and should be fun for all. I am having an early dinner with two art friends to celebrate a surprise art lesson gift certificate. We will go to a local restaurant and have plenty of time to make the Art Walk.

Happy memorial Day to all who have and are serving to protect and keep our nation safe from harm. The day is for celebrating the beginning of summer and families and relaxation....yet the far more serious remembering our fallen heroes. Thank you all. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

This glass pendant was created by our guest glass artist Sarah Vaughn and a gift from Mr. Mike....I can wear Sarah over my heart even when we are separated by the miles.

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