Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Family night at the Grill Deli....Mother's Day Cards

The master gardeners from Westerville's Innis Woods Park arrived early this morning at the studio with eager inquisitive minds. What a gregarious group of friends and they had a million questions about what I did in this studio...they were supported and wished they could have a place much like this sacred collection of inspirations. They had driven over to visit Wilson's Gardeners to collect selected specific plants for the Innis Woods Park in Westerville. They enjoyed a variety of deli specialties and sweet desserts. Then they visited their dear friend Diane over at Myers and Pugh's Jewelry Store.

I prepared for my evening with the families who participate in Family night at the Grill Deli ...we were creating book marks and special cards for Mother's Day this upcoming Sunday. I had forgotten my special stamp and it was closer to drive to Michael's to select another stamp for the children. I also picked up some more card stock in pinks...purples...yellows and other Spring textures. I rushed back to continue cutting the design elements and to my surprise there were already children there ready and eager to get started. I never had a chance to sit down...we hit the ground running and the excitement was loud at times. I think everyone had a good time ...but I am pooped!

I worked on a special card for my mother in law so Ken could get it into the mail tomorrow. Remember to find a special way to honor the "mothers" in your life. Today was my "gotcha" day for the anniversary of adopting Sherry Lynn now 31 and Tina Marie at 30... they were two half sisters barely 16 months apart in age and have held a permanent residence in my heart since the first moment I met them with the case worker Diana. Adoption is a very complex journey for all parties involved but we all learn to live and love one another in different manners and at different time periods. I love my girls. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

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  1. Happy 'gotcha' day!!! What a wonderful thing to celebrate! I hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day!