Monday, May 30, 2011

Happy Memorial Day..I have been running since Friday

I last posted on Friday night and on Saturday I worked in the studio, went to Michael's art store and finally volunteered for 4 hours at the Midland for the 40Th anniversary of Patty's Dance Center Spring recital. Every year these young dancers continue to improve and amaze me. I ran into some very proud parents who were my friends from one of my part time jobs. It seems like these babies have grown up in a blink of an eye...and now are performing like young champions on stage. Sunday I went back to the Midland to help out with the early show...being a Holiday weekend it is a wee bit difficult to find volunteers to work for the kids and their parents. At 4 o clock I made it home and we had a cookout with four dear friends and artists...fresh hot dogs and brats with German potato salad, Cole slaw and Ken's homemade strawberry /blueberry pie with real whipped cream. The evening was peaceful and filled with true friendship ...discussions went from the delicious foods and lovely gardens, the family pets, the coming events for the Granville Arts and Wine Festival in June 11Th and 12Th at Bryn Du Manor. Time is the greatest of gifts we have to share with those we love...and being true friends they helped me to really reconsider letting go of a painful experience that hurt me and my family's situation. Lessons come in all types of packages...awful and painful in the beginning of an end...yet a renewal in moving forward. Thank you all for the gifts you have given me.

Today I had a rough start with the medications...a small outbreak of shingles has proven to rob me of my energies...pain is not a real friend. But we worked to prepare a meal to take over and see our grandchildren and their parents. The family have just returned from their first family vacation and the joy in their eyes has filled my heart with pure JOY! Ken barbecued chicken, and another strawberry pie ...this time with blue berries and raspberries added to the strawberries. I made ...well added to potato salad from Kroger's deli and we shared a wonderful dinner and sharing the Ipad images from the trip. I am so words just fail to adequately express the JOYS I share with my family.

Thank you all who have served to protect and save our beloved country. Your dedication and perseverance is a gift to us all. Imagine and Live in peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

"As far as I am concerned I prefer a silent vice to an ostentatious virtue"

I apologize for being in and out of my usual correspondence...I lost my followers for awhile so now things appear to be working once again.

p.s. I have given you an opportunity to capture a glimpse of Kathy Anderson's newest paintings and Tony Reynold's new wooden jewel boxes and incredible wooden salad bowls for the Wine and Arts Festival at Bryn Du on 6/11 and 6/12.

WHOOPS ! I totally forgot my Inchie for Monday....this week "home" but as you can now see I do have plenty of inspiration.


  1. Sorry you had to experience a painful situation and physical pain from the shingles. Glad you had a loving family weekend and dinner with friends, just the thing to remind you that life
    is about those we love and open our hearts to. xox Corrine

  2. My mom just had shingles this past Summer so I know first hand how painful that can be. I send you healing thoughts, my friend!!
    Glad you had a wonderful weekend. xoxo

  3. Shingles are just another name for purgatory on earth....but honestly I do not know one person who remotely deserves this condition. I am determined to move forward with my work. Thank you for all of your prayers. Peace, Mary helen Fernandez Stewart