Monday, May 23, 2011

Monday and the storms return with a real revenge...

I am down in the man cave on Ken's computer ....the storm warnings are still flashing across the TV...and Rosie and I are taking care of business. I had a busy day once again ...mainly unpacking the supplies from the weekend at Denison with HOBY. Then I began collecting tomorrow's canvases, gel mediums, sponge brushes, acrylic paints, and miscellaneous trims for adding to the frame areas. Cherie Boyer stopped by to share her recording sessions and the CD...then another friend Gayla dropped by to ask for a special birthday card and gift certificate for another mutual friend. We will meet at Brew's on Friday at 5:30pm and then head down to see Chris Lang's opening at the Argyle Studios. Whew the week is flying by already!

I am praying for the tornado victims....the films are almost to real to digest...we have seen so many movies about natural disasters that when the truth hits you in the breaks one's heart. I guess I will contact the Red Cross tomorrow...they seem to be the most professional and ethical in the recovery process. My sister called and reported the River Road area near her was hit in the early evening...I am so happy she is home! Safe and Sound.

I need to get the clothes from the washer to the dryer and get to bed early. I have calling hours tomorrow, a drive over to Reynoldsburg for the Girls Scouts and then begin architectural resources for our community art event on Wednesday. Check out the Every Monday Inchie blogspot....we have be having a good time sharing our inspirations. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. Hope you are safe; we sat and watched the storms split around us, then progress into monsters as they headed East.
    Missouri is still like digesting a nightmare.
    There is also the Kansas/Missouri Salvation Army for donations for disaster relief.
    Each service does a bit different work.
    Praying you and yours are safe.....

    Love and hugs~~

  2. Please be safe, I hear that there are some severe tornadoes out there tonight. My thoughts are with you!!! Can't believe what has been happening this Spring. So sad....But the most resilient folks ever on the news, I can't believe how wonderful we humans are when we are in the trenches..... xox Corrine