Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Family night at the Grill at The Works....

I just got home from a wonderful day in the studio. I wore my new necklace / pendant made by Sarah Vaughn ...our guest artist from out west. This is her last week and I will truly miss her youthful energy she brings every day to the glass studio. Twice last week I attempted to buy a piece of work as an affirmation so she could return once again in the near future. Mr. Mike has about 10,000 volunteer hours he has dedicated to the children of The I am not exaggerating...he comes in rain or shine to greet the little inventors in the invention lab or to help them make their race cars piece by piece. He bought me the pendant and a beautiful red /black hand blown vase. I want to be like Mike!!! Thank you for thinking of me and supporting my dreams.

Thank you ...all of you who come in to buy a card for graduation house warming.. birthdays.....or whatever you might need. Sandy dropped by and helped me pay the rent. I need to make the graduation cards and start the Father's Day selections...time is flying by!!! It is the small visits...the gentle hugs...the encouragement and support...I am living my dream and giving back to my family, my community, hopefully the world. I am so fortunate to have such wonderful supporters who live and support the Arts in the world. Thank You!!!

Tonight I worked on my lesson plan to create homes and communities we live in...or want to create... dream to live in. We had some small 3-D house plans that they could play with fantasy colors...designs...furnishings... whatever the heart could think of. Yes they were child like...some painted...some made small collage details...some stamped images.... each child seem to dive into their project and worked in a quiet solitude. It was a joy to just witness the child's hands creating without judgement. My daughter came and told me she would like to sew....YES.... and i told her I have a sewing machine ready to get up and go!!! I hope you enjoy the photos. Imagine and Live in peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. You are always busy, with many people in your life, and I admire you for all of that so much. Happy faces abound in yet another post!

  2. I want to be part of your family!!! xox Corrine

  3. All of my followers are part of my family!!! Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart