Wednesday, May 11, 2011

International Lupus Awareness Day on May 10 and thoday was family night

What is that saying about best played plans....I found a bright bly dress by Lauren Conley at Kohl's for mark down cost from $60.00 to $6.00....I worked on the adjustments and alterations until about 11 o'clock ...added a Drama Queen and Cosmo Girl sequin iron on design.... and placed multi-colored stars at the neck line for additional blitz. I created a bright sequin cocoon top to act as a modern version of fairy wings with special cheetah sequin flats and a silver sequin headband, and silver tights to finish off the complete costume. I know she liked the ensemble but when we got to school she chose to skip the dress and cocoon wings and wear only the shoes and headband. I realized that at the age of 11 a young girl does not want to be different from the rest of the cast on stage...even if she would look really cute. The rest of the 5th graders were all wearing mostly black so Maya Rose was loyal to herself. I was sad at first...then I remembered my first boy girl dance in the 8th grade. My dear Mother made me a bright aqua wrap around skirt to wear...well to say the rest of the girls were wearing more casual clothes and jeans and I felt like I stuck out in the crowd. I was really an insecure youth and being different in any way just added salt to the wound of youth. Maya knows how much I really love her and she did a fabulous job!!! I was extremely proud of my young Thespian and hope she will continue this after school program when she moves up the the middle school next Fall.

Yesterday I spoke to the Unity Reading Circle and explained aspects of my works in the studio and shared some of my quilts. I described the diverse applications of dyes and colors to my fabrics, some photo transfer methods, the Full Moon project that I am still working on for "13 Moons" and the outreach project with the arts on our Family night on Wednesday. We shared a lovely lunch and I learned quite a lot about possible gardening tips for planting my summer gardens and keeping the hungry deer from eating certain special lilies and flowers. I was in awe of this circle of friendship among these wise stately women over the decades. They will take a break over the summer months but reunite in September with a new year and program of monthly luncheons and field trips. The women were dressed to the nines and very elegant and articulate as we shared the conversations in the beautiful dining room at the Bryn du Mansion in Granville. I was very tired when I arrived at the studio but I felt as if I had shared an afternoon with Royalty.

I completed a more simplified approach to my Hospice commission to honor the original Charter members of our Hospice organization. I framed the work and wired the back so it will be ready and complete for tomorrow's open house in the evening. I am hopeful that they will be happy with the finished work. I prepared the evening art project...a garden angel with a rubbing for a textured background, a stamped floral garden and flowers to be colored with bright colors. They could select three versions of the garden with a watering can. one with a basket of flowers and finally one with her very own bee hive. The boys arrived early with their make up baseball games starting the evening was mostly spent with the young ladies. Ken and I shared a sandwich with their homemade chips and slaw. Now I am completing my laundry from this morning and clearing the kitchen from this morning. I will catch up after tomorrow on my other projects. I thank you for reading and following my mishaps and adventures. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. I don't know how you do it all!!!!!

  2. Ditto Gabriela's comment! I just don't know how you do all you do MH!

  3. Wonderful pix, and wonderfully engaged, as always : ) Thanks for sharing...