Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Tea for Tuesday...Ken's birthday!.... Board meeting... prayers that this will publish....

Every Inchie Monday is PINK and FANCY for last week's and this week's entry. I apologize for the delay and I have had several bad collaborations with my blogspot.

Tuesday for Tea was HOT because it is so rainy and cold here ...I needed to constantly add HOT beverages. I attended my board meeting and honestly I felt as if the concerns and rules for increasing the Grant funds is a bit more complicated that I truly understand. The decision was made to allow the director to make the final alterations so we can use funds from any over ride we might experience in the rest year. I met Ken for dinner at Red Lobster for his favorite shrimp favorites...it is as close to the seashore we have here in OHIO :O). We then went to visit our 86 year old friend who is in need for physical therapy and still plans a flight to Houston next week for his beloved grand daughter's recital and graduation. His mobility is extremely limited and I have some concerns about his journey but at the same time I understand his desire to do it all. I know I have been too busy for my own good lately and hopefully will slow down a bit. On Friday I am attending the HOBY leadership conference to meet with young spirits interested in a life as an Artist....this is a pretty broad definition and description but during lunch we share their aspirations and I attempt to answer all of their questions.

On Saturday I took Ken to see and hear the DOO WAP concert with The Vogues, The Marcels and The Drifters at the Midland theater. I felt as if We had both been transported back to the 1960's... I would listen to my AM radio in my mother's kitchen and singing with these groups while we did the dishes. Ken was actually singing in his seat....I think this was the best birthday present I could have given him. THANK YOU for your patience with the computer difficulties and continuing to follow along. Have a great week. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

p.s. The Green Girl is a video project she was working on for her high school media class. Mr. Mike and Patsy stopped by for the brief moment the sun was out in Ohio. WooHoo!


  1. Take care of yourself, Mary Helen...and it's cold there?? Wish we had a bit of cool weather, unfortunately, when it does cool down, the wind blows, dust stings and some other place in the area is enjoying a cool down, just not us here in West TX. We're going to have blasted wind all the rest of the week...I hate when we exchange real estate with NM and Mexico...bleh(:<!

    Love those little inchies....just too cute and frilly!!


  2. Happy belated birthday to your sweet Ken. I love the green man in your photos! Doowop sounds darn good to me. xox Corrine

  3. Ahh! your inchies look like gems :D Richly embellsihed. Great!

  4. I love your little inchies, they are quite spectacular!

  5. Both of your inchies are so pretty and fancy! I love the flower center pieces that you made too. You must have a lovely garden.