Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Hot tea on a rainy day....

Today the weather continues to be bleak here with continued rain and overcast skies and a severe chill in the air. Despite the disparaging weather front my day totally brightened when my little artists arrived to make their puppets. A two year old, two three year old and two four year old artists plus the audience was completed by Baby Lyndon and Baby Megan. The bright colors, the paper punch and googly eyes and lots of glue were very popular with the creative tiny hands. I have so much respect for these young mothers and their desire to give their children their undivided attention and time to discover stimulating experiences for their tiny charges. I honestly found it difficult to keep up with these energetic expressive souls of ART making. The soft curly chenille cleaners were a big hit also ...the more colors the better! As you can see we all had a good time with the lunch break with popcorn, pizza and POP...that delectable treat they do not have very often....POP! I stayed with Baby Lyndon while Erin escorted Cole and Morgan over to the train in the courtyard...I can hardly wait until the weather breaks and the courtyard has an opportunity to dry out a bit so the little fast feet can run free and wild to the future concert music.

I spent the afternoon writing my checks, making my deposit, visiting the post office for registered mail and picked up a couple of supplies to make Mother's Day card tomorrow night for Family night.... we are planting seeds in Dixie cups so I thought the little ones would enjoy making a small cards to tie onto the cup for their gift. I know I should slow down but I did take a tiny nap when I got home and then got up to start another load of laundry. I picked up the new "Where Creative Women Create" magazine and enjoyed my tea...green I think ...while I leisurely browsed through the pages. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

p.s. Little artists in the morning ....then the big artists in the afternoon with their teacher Mary Woodward. I LOVE my life!!!


  1. Love the photos of the little ones.

  2. Sounds like you have an amazingly productive, fun day! (I had to do the laundry thing too....I mean, I *HAD* to...)
    Your studio is a wonderful space, and you are so lucky for all the interaction with other, especially the children.