Saturday, July 24, 2010

Time to hit the water...

Ken went over to let Erin get a nap while Morgan was down and he and Cole had a man's afternoon...Grandpa we are out of fudge....Grandpa those Rice Crispie Treats were sure good. I searched for my swimsuit...first time out this summer...Yikes I am white :O)! I guess in the move somehow the silver bag has been moved somewhere...real good...national security hidden by Mr. Ken. I ran to Kohl's and picked one up without trying it on and on sale for half price. Rushed to the pool to the sounds of "Grandma" and changed in the dressing room with Miss Hannah's assistance. I swam with three little mermaids from 4:00 to 5:15 pm...which was more than enough Sun for me...the water felt great and they all had to show me what they learned at the ocean this summer. We had a black lab named Brutus who lives next door and is a regular member of the private pool join us for cool romps and snacks by the pool. I hope you enjoy the few photos...last night I was a little carried away but I wanted to make sure everyone in the workshop had their photos up on the blog...they are now my facebook friends.

Ken put together a simple ad for the Licking County Arts 2010 catalogue and we adjusted just a few things and sent it out to the Universe. I think Ken is getting to be very proficient with the graphic skills on the computer. Thank you Mr. Ken. Find a cool place to read or watch a movie this weekend...the storms are moving in our area and hopefully the humidity will break soon. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. The storms have passed here and I have finally turned off the AC and opened up the house. It feels wonderful. So much rain but the frogs are singing in the pond, again. :)Bea

  2. Mary Helen, looks like everyone had a great time in the water and out!! How I wish my grandies lived closer...650 miles away in Austin and see them when Southwest has a good deal on tickets and lately, I can go to Phoenix, which I am in a few weeks to visit my sister, cheaper than I can within my own state!! oey vey. As for playing Joan Baez on my blog, you're's from the "Gracias a la Vida", am I dating myself or what!!?? LOL Love her voice, but I've heard her sing lately and she's lost a lot of it..darn aging!! Anyway, you lucky person you...would love to see her in concert..what a talent!

    Have a good week I pray the weather improves out your way. We have finally broken the 3 digit temps, but now have mucho humidity...for us out here in the desert Southwest, 50-60+% is just too much for these desert rats!!


  3. My goodness it looks lovely and hot your way! I'm jealous. Looks like someone had too much chocolate too.