Thursday, July 22, 2010

Thursday with me young artists...

Today was a special day where my little artists stenciled and sprayed their CSI fabric to form their hand print as part of their evidence collection this week. earlier in the day they had been photographed by a patrol man with their vital information..height, weight, fingerprints, special needs etc. The YES club came down to participate so the room was literally hopping. Tomorrow they will visit the crime scene..a hit and run accident and the groups will collaborate to discover who the driver and criminal really is. It should be loud and busy but loads of fun.

My group was set to build layers onto their individual fabrics and add stitches in a simple running stitch manner. I watched in amazement and was so proud of them all...this is a new and difficult challenge for these young artists. Gab told me now he understands why my works are known as "slow Cloth". :O)! There were some adult visitors who were very excited about their planning for future programs for this upcoming Fall for school lesson plans. They were totally engrossed in their plans but their voices were a wee bit distracting because the students had trouble asking and hearing the answers when they needed to "thread my needle" or help me with this knot. I made waves I am sure when I asked them to move outside in the hall so we could hear each other and work in peace... I do not want to be a diva but I really enjoy these special quiet moments where we are engaged in the process. The collaboration and respectful interaction is just as important as the actual simple artistic process. I was very pleased with the finished projects so tomorrow we will create a scratch art project and collect the final design elements to mount onto matte board to display for the student's parents to view and celebrate in a small opening for the students. Each child has strengths and weaknesses...but slowing themselves down they soon discovered they could work this problem out and make their sacred marks.

Rosie received her summer buzz haircut at the groomers so I picked her up and we went home for a nap. The week is wonderful but I do recognize how difficult it is on my body's systems. I ate an half a sandwich and laid down to fall asleep...Thank God it is Thursday because I can be there tomorrow and make a successful week's contribution and collaboration. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. Please don't think you are being a Diva, in any way when you do something like that. I'm sure the excited adults completely forgot where they were and what you were trying to do with the kids. Slow cloth deserves the respect of quiet moments while it is being worked on. It's a chance for the cloth and the energy of the cloth and the human working with the cloth to interact and become aware that they are doing so. :)Bea