Thursday, July 8, 2010

from disorganized to pure chaos.....

two spirits...good and evil

I was supposed to have my three girls tonight...Maya Rose, Sabrina Leigh and Hannah Marie to spend a day at the pool, make summer travel bags for their trip to South Carolina and to spend the night with Grandma. I have hardly been able to see them and I miss them so...their Father says NO and the grandparents lose...but so do the grand daughters. I tried to stay busy but when I went to write my enormous Visa bill and for some reason I have not been able to locate my extra checks...did you ever have a day like this??? I ended up moving things around and stayed in the cool house; our house is cool and the air is so dirty my eyes burn when I go outside. Ken went over to make proper arrangements for his gifted certification for this Fall's program. When he came home we had hot dogs with all the messy condiments and cool iced tea. I will continue my search for checks and hopefully get the bills in the mail. I plan of going upstairs to look again and put some materials in clear see-through containers that will be labeled properly for ease of use and storage.

I picked up my paperback of Art and Fear written back in 1993 by David Bayles and Ted Orland...observations on the perils and rewards of Art making. In part 1 the opening quote is perfect...."Writing is easy: all you do is sit staring a a blank sheet of paper until the drops of blood form on your forehead.___ Gene Fowler" That just about covers it no matter what Art you are involved in making ...writing is just a beginning for me and doodling is another step in the process for me and insures that I can return to when I might want to play with the composition or style. I received two emails today asking me to join an global movement to create a 12 inch quilt square that will be put together to auction off for clean clear drinking water for the populations in Africa. The second one is a call for art...unfortunately I think it is a donation for a large support group for persons with cancer...Grounds for Wellness to be auctioned off in September 24, 2010 at their gala in Columbus, Ohio. I really need more information before I commit but this is something I can do ...along as they give me room to employ several collage techniques and possible photo transfers. Art and Fear asks "How does art get done? Why, often, does it not get done? And what is the nature of the difficulties that stop so many who start?" This is a timeless question we usually ask ourselves when we start a new expression or visualization of an idea we want to convey in our mark making ... we all work in uncertainty as we begin the first marks.

I am hopeful that you are staying cool and working on one of your works successfully. Have a cool summer evening and enjoy the fireflies as they dance above the summer grasses. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. I enjoy reading your blog. Your life always seems so interesting. I guess mine is just pretty boring in comparrison. LOL Also loved your photo when you were a child. You still look the same!

  2. How sad the father said no. I know how disappointed you are, I would be too. I hope, perhaps later in the summer they can visit.
    It's frustrating when things get up and move themselves to new places. I hope you find your checks.
    I was making a list of projects that I wanted to COMPLETE, ones I wanted to start, things I wanted to experiment with and friendship committments, etc. There simply isn't time enough in the day for it all.
    I have to say NO to things. I'm so far behind now on my Full Moon Native American Mixed Media project. Mary, my daughter reminded me that I promised to complete a full year of them for her.
    But, I wanted to try a new technique before I made anymore. It does become frustrating, doesn't it? :)Bea

  3. hope you get to visit with your sweet girls very soon

    we are getting a ten degree respite from the 100+ temps and dearly need some rain here in N VA

    hope things cool and calm for you Mary Helen
    Have a lovely weekend!

  4. I am sorry that you missed out on time with the girls! That doesn't sound like a happy at all! I am so glad you have your art, though! You live it so well!

  5. I also know about problems with seeing the grandkids, mine are with their mothers far away, so it's few and far between. But we cope and deal with it. Art becomes a type of therapy in those times of heart hurt. Enjoy your posts as always.