Friday, July 23, 2010

my life flows when I am making art with children....

Today was the last day of my CSI fabric forensic investigation workshop with some very spectacular children who have blessed my life for the last five days. My Hayley, Ann and volunteers worked diligently... individually with each child's week's work to mount for a special celebration with their parents. The students created their very own scratch art page....color with crayons and then paint the page with black tempera paint and then scratch their very own designs. I enjoyed witnessing their selections of colors and designs but with a little conversation I knew instantly what direction each person's mark making would lead their viewer. I know a few artists that would love to work with total abandonment and joy as they create. Ken brought in special Popsicles for the afternoon in delicious fruity was 94 degrees this afternoon and the air conditioning unit struggled to keep and maintain a cool room. "Your husband sure is very tall!" and he became an instant hit with the kids :O)! As the parents filed into the room they pulled their mothers, fathers, and grand parents and siblings throughout the room sharing their work for the week...I was beaming with pride just seeing their excitement and acknowledgment of their individual progress. I am tired from the heat but they will leave footprints on my heart . My life truly flows when I am working with children and witnessing unbridled glee while they make their sacred marks. Have a great weekend! Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

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  1. Look at all those smiling faces and colorful t-shirts! Looks like a perfect day, my friend.

    No worries about the storm. It's pretty much a fizzled out rain. No winds inland where we live, and the rain, although heavy at times, takes many breaks through the day. We're expecting more intermittent rain through the weekend, but nothing to be concerned with. Thanks for thinking of me. I really appreciate it!

    Have a great weekend.