Friday, July 2, 2010

Friday 's Red , White and Blue celebrations....

It may be the second day of July but the fireworks are already firing over my county. Ken and I took a chicken and noodle dinner over to Erin and the little ones. Chance is already putting in his long hours in the trauma unit at the hospital. I missed a visit yesterday because of my theater commitment for The Producers and further errands to be completed. Ken and I love a quieter celebration of the 4th and missing Red, White and Boom is not a major sacrifice and being with the grandchildren may wear us out physically but emotionally they charge my spirit. Where is the time flying??? Am I on track with a focus or am I floating along on a summer breeze a state of total coasting through the days? To be honest packing my supplies up is a major job and I want to organize myself better than before ... I think paying rent is a wonderful motivator to affirm the need to create and work every day.... I have to work for myself to keep myself afloat.

Tomorrow I want to work upstairs and continue the relocation packing yet still maintain a clearer work space for me to work in the evenings. I am working on a few small projects made to make the payments ...and eliminate the excess materials I have already purchased for upcoming seasonal sales. I revisited the LCA gallery yesterday but what I am working to create is something different...a visible yet private space for making art. A paradox ?...yes but at the same time I am so looking forward to having my space space that hopefully will evolve into a personal explorations...daily regiment and personal schedule to meet my needs and hopefully promote my growth as an artist. I think it is interesting to watch Bravo's program Work of Art but I realize that I do not have to move to New York for a stage to compete in making Art. My thank you s and personal notes are calling to me.... I have been blessed by so many and I want to let each person how important they have been to my life's work. Have a safe weekend on this holiday celebration. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

Dr. Dad and Major Mom both need TLC as these next couple of weeks draw close and the birth of the new baby will arrive before we know it. Cole and Morgan will need us to be there by their side as they welcome the newest member of our family.

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  1. Oh my, Mary Helen, your poor daughter!! I was pregnant with all 3 of mine during the summer...ugh!! The only summer wasn't hot or humid was my pregnancy with my daughter, we were in Germany at the time, but with my boys, OMG!!! Anyway, thank God she's due in 2 weeks...congrats to you all.

    And want to tell you how much you mean to me and so many of us are a true blessing. I love your spirit!! We will be celebrating the 4th at my mother's house with 23 relatives and godmotther who will be in town.

    Take care and God bless.