Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Hat Day scavenger hunt for my Midland....

I delivered about a dozen different hats to the workshop director Miss Angel and she seemed thrilled with my first selection. I assure her if I see further wardrobe contributions for her specialized workshops. I even placed a sun hat onto the statue of Mark Twain who sits on a park bench in front of the theater and welcomes the patrons to each and every performance. Hal Holbrook was a dear friend of Newark and the Reese family and before he died he came to our small little city for an incredible one man performance of Mark Twain's magical life as a humorist and American writer. I have told you all before but we do have a very special energy and energy for the Arts in our community. I will include a few photos so you can see what I am after :O)!

Tomorrow Ken is playing golf with his buddies so I am praying for sunshine and cool breezes. If he is not too tired I will help Ken begin the painting of the new studio space. Spiced pumpkin is the color I chose for the wall facing the central gallery and a friend said the color reminds them of me...sort of spicy and hot :O)! I have a small gallery walk planned for tomorrow and on Thursday my dear friend and family doctor for almost 24 years will walk through and hear some of my stories. Life feels as if it is truly exploding with possibilities for our future. it is going to take a lot of hard work and dedication but i have not felt this thrilled about my work space in a very long time. Remain calm I have to remind myself...small baby steps and we will ease into a schedule where I work for myself. I spoke to Erin and told her that Ken and I will be spending the night the day she is scheduled for her cesarean delivery for baby number three. Life does not get any better!!!!

I need to sort through some buttons and fabrics tonight. Plus my Mary Chapin Carpenter CDs arrived this afternoon from Amazon along with the 50th anniversary publication of Harold and the Purple Crayon. I will listen in the morning as I paint some fabric for sun printing experiment with a piece of plastic lace I found the other day in the thrift store. Have a wonderful evening and Imagine dreams of Peace and Live for Peace globally. Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. I feel the thrill you are feeling! Savor the Day! :)

  2. It's exciting to hear about all the details and the plans. :)Bea

  3. Oh, your hat collection is just fun! So glad they are put to good use! Your plans for the day sound delightful! I hope you thoroughly enjoy it!

  4. It's great to feel your enthusiasm and joy. So glad you are able to partake in these activities and are filled with creative energy - I hope those cool breezes flow to carry you forward!! xox Karin