Monday, July 19, 2010

Hot, humid and hazy!!! CSI forensic fiber arts and the air conditioning was not working in our studio space...

We began the investigation with a hand print and practice stitches ...three rows then cut out for a hand print shape and a stencil to use as a design element for dry brushing. Then each workshop participant then paired up with another and made their preliminary pencil sketches. By then their bellies were rumbling and serious fatigue had set in...most students had been here since about 8:30 am and snack time was their primary focus. In the last half of an hour most of the 11 boys went out on the museum floor for movement and play. Two quiet little engineers...two of my girls decided to play with the engineering blocks and puzzles. This week I gave each one of them my postcard and sent them out on a scavenger hunt to locate each piece of work in my exhibit. They did an awesome job and their observation skills were impeccable.

I came home and washed white Kona cotton fabrics for the next steps in the process. They will be able to create a grid of sort by allowing the folded piece of fabrics into different colors of transparent Seta colors. Then we will head outside to allow them to dry in hopefully the sunshine. Then while they are drying we will work on cartoon characters of people in the workshop with a fine tip point permanent marker. Again this is another step in creating their own design elements to incorporate into their fiber layers. Lyn may lead another gallery activity until we return to the studio to add the next steps in rubbings and texture boards. I am really trying to keep them involved ...despite the high temperatures and humidity.

Be sure to check out the "Buried Treasure" post from Seth Apter's blog The Altered Page on Sunday July 18th. There is something there to inspire everyone and as the artists generously share their thoughts and inspirations we all can come away with a sense of intimate community.

Our daughter Miss Erin went into an early labor this afternoon but the maternity unit gave her some meds to slow down the pains ...they seem to think she needs a few more weeks for the baby to develop and grow. She called us in the evening and was heading home to kiss the little ones and hopefully go to bed. We will probably go over tomorrow afternoon to help out with Cole and Morgan.

Ken and I worked for a short time in the studio ..he washed the floor and put together a prefab book case while I washed the front windows. We came home and had rosemary chicken vegetable soup and had rice crispy treats for dessert. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. What magic did you use to keep those little people working in the heat? They did better than I would have. I bet your daughter was worried, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that she has gone home safely and doesn't have a repeat of pains until closer to her due date.
    What amazes me is that you get all of this done in one day and still manage to get dinner on the table. KUDOS to you two. :)Bea

  2. Praying that your daughter continues her pregnancy to term, every day will be important for both mother and child. You put me to shame with your daily accomplishments. I did spend the day with a luncheon date with my youngest daughter and her youngest son and as always it was great fun for all three of us to just hang out together. He is 15 yrs so our time to do this sort of thing is in short supply. You take care now. Lennie

  3. Sending all good wishes in this HHH summer weather. Stay cool and blessings to your daughter!

  4. Well THAT sounds like fun! Except for the no AC part. That's not fun! But it's easy to ignore when you are immersed in art!

  5. What a wonderful group to smile through the heat. Best wishes to your daughter and the family.

  6. Thanks for sharing all your wonderful stories....