Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Another hurdle...good ideas but so many hoops....

Steve and Lisa arrived safely this morning at 10:00 am with a few hurdles and hoops of their own to jump through to get to our house. The road construction is a phenomenal change in driving patterns with each day's progress. They were lucky to have their cell phones but to be honest I have no clear cut understanding for how they arrived at the house. We took some quick photos adult to teacher relationship now ...still they are and will always be kids to me in my heart. We headed downtown to The Works to see the exhibit and I could share some of the stories and inspirations behind each art quilt. We took a quick walk through the discovery and invention labs before we headed over to the Grill for a hot juicy hamburger and a cool cool drink. Ken treated us all to ice cream..Lisa had cookies and cream, I had black cherry cordial and Steve and Ken had butter pecan. This was the perfect thing to do before we said our goodbyes and they headed back home to Canton. Life flies by so quickly... we shared a few memories about our years since 1975 and I do know how blessed I am to have them in my life.

I then met with the lawyer for an understanding of how setting up a limited liability corporation for myself and the numerous steps needed to open my studio. I spoke to a few possible contributors but without being a 501 3c..nonprofit it is impossible to ...well difficult to overcome the legal expectations and regulations. My heart is heavy for the moment but I know somehow I Will be able to move forward. Never panic...sit back and rethink the possibilities to open my space and work for myself as a visible living artist.

The heat is almost unbearable so I am hiding out and resting down in the man semi dark and restful. Thank you for listening. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. Driving around Madison is always a challenge. Unlike Milwaukee which was created in a nice neat grid, Madison is full of one way streets, lots of construction during the summer and students.
    Out here, in the countryside our difficulties are more four legged in nature. Animals crossing the roads and taking their sweet old time about it. :)Bea

  2. I hope you are able to work things out without difficulty. Good luck in this heat.