Saturday, July 10, 2010

Saturday at the Works and LeFevre Gallery.... art every where every day...

I met with about 20 today at the gallery and shared my narratives with dear friends and students who are now grown and have children of their own. The watercolor artist were supposed to be there but failed to show up even though this had been planned to meet their individual schedules and family needs. Tim Black came to photograph and document the lecture and the people viewing the individuals works and having an opportunity to ask me questions about the fabrics, techniques or whatever they were curious about. Afterward we walked over to the Grill where Ryan made four large pizzas and salads for our guests . We had a chance to catch up each person's latest chapter in their lives journey. Carol and Helen worked with Ken over at Capital university and the Hubbard family came from Reynoldsburg. Steve and Jeff were fraternal twins we had in class at Rosemore Middle School back in the late 1980's. Steve just graduated from Columbus College and Art Design magnum cum laude and he is heading out to California tomorrow to explore further careers in animation with his son Devin in tow. hopefully he will attend a workshop and find gainful employment in the entertainment business and I will be able to visit with them. Jeff has just returned from California and has published his first book which I will be reading as soon as the second publication is out. Their mother Diane is adjusting to the beginning of an empty nest yet I assured her now she will have wonderful family members to go and visit real soon. Another family with their children and grand children in tow arrived and promised to come back when I get settled in my studio space. As usual time flew by way too fast but the gift of spending time with old friends is precious and priceless.

After a quiet afternoon nap we got back up and attended the Licking County June Juried Exhibit which was one that will not disappoint. Thirty artists selected with 55 works on display in a beautifully lit , open gallery space. The awards and the patrons were great and just seeing the old gang proved to be rewarding. I have been working on my art and have very little interaction with the LCA but when I stop by there is very little activity or visitors to the new location. Time will reveal how this is going to play out but I still ave a strong dedication to the LCA community. Jack Richardson and his small Katy were on hand to meet and greet the patrons and to see the work of this year's wonderful exhibit. Try to stop by and check it out because there is something there for every one's tastes. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

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  1. Wish I was closer, as I would stop by to take a look. :)