Saturday, July 17, 2010

farmers markets, ratatouille with Italian cheeses, and a day to remember with Cole and Morgan....

I awoke this morning with every intention of going downtown to work in unpacking supplies in my studio space but after the doctor's procedures yesterday ...I did not want to do"no stinking work"...
I needed to see Erin and play with my grandchildren Marshall Cole and Morgan Elizabeth. Cole woke up this morning and told his mother that he knew his grandma was coming to visit somehow the planets must be in perfect alignment because we all got what we wanted. My poor Erin is so tired and the heat and humidity does not help the mood of two hot tired little ones. Ken needed to go to Capital and pick up some final papers and such so Erin and I went to the farmers market...for a very short amount of time ...the noon sun and humidity made us all a wee be uncomfortable. I decided it was the right time to hit Bob Evans...commercial plug here Bob :O)!...and we had cool fruit smoothies and iced tea served to us and we chilled out before we headed back to the house. Morgan needed a nap and Cole and I had plans for the little chef...Cole is the little chef...and he wanted to make ratatouille for his daddy who has been putting in long hours in the trauma rotation for about the last 14 days. They had all watched the movie yesterday and the seed to cook a special dinner for daddy was born. We needed zucchini, eggplant, a yellow squash, fresh garlic, tomatoes, onions ....tomato paste and chicken broth and fresh herbs and Italian cheeses...layered and baked to perfection for our delicious dinner. Grandpa went out to get sour dough bread and a nutty whole grain bread to complete our menu selections for the evening and everyone was full of healthy and love prepared meals for the family. I know I am a proud grand parent but how many three old boys request to make a special gourmet dinner like this healthy feast! We gave the kids their baths and changed them into pajamas ...both Mom and Dad were exhausted and we actually love the water and play bath time. Tomorrow I will finish my preparation for Monday's workshop for Monday through Friday. Ken will go out on the golf course with a dear friend to take his mind off his father's nearness to a final departure. Thank you for your kind patience...I am posting my Buried Treasure for a collaboration with Seth Apter's circle of artists. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

YAHOO! My Skelly ballerina painting arrived today in the mail and she is moving into the gallery to remind me to dance as if no one is looking. Thank you Georgina...she is a beauty!!!!

Homegrown eggplant and zucchini with herbs from the Spalding garden...
Poor Morgan is cutting teeth and needed Grandpa's TLC...


  1. What a wonderful day you had. Spending time with our loved ones, family and friends is what it is all about in my book. The meal sounds wonderful.
    I love it when children want to cook, it means that they start to get an understanding of what and where food comes from and what it's important to us as fuel. She looks like she is due any day now, when's her due date? I can appreciate how hot and uncomfortable she is, poor thing. :)Bea

  2. Dear Bea...I am not a doctor but the doctors say her due date is 8/26/10...hmmmmm? I am wondering if she will make it until 8/9/10! She is so uncomfortable but truly a dear spirit and loving mother. Have a great weekend. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  3. Oh my, your poor little girl...I was pregnant with all 3 of mine during the summer...I feel her discomfort...sending her many good vibes and blessings, along with those other precious little ones and you and the wonderful Ken!!

    I'm just so happy you received your little dancing lovely. She was on my studio wall and I miss her a tad, but I knew she needed to dance elsewhere with someone angel touched my Vern's gentle hand as he drew your name. She's in a very good and happy environment...know she carries lots of love and some very macabre humour...a little something yours truly just had to include!! LOL

    Take care, my friend and God bless.


  4. I love ratatouille with grated Parmesan or Romano cheese on top. Those kids sure look happy!