Monday, July 12, 2010

Bastille ,white and blue too

I had a slow start today and felt like a turtle attempting to run a race...just to catch up. Yesterday I learned that someone stole the improvisational hats from the Midland's children's theater workshop and the classes were scheduled to begin today. So I decided to hit the Goodwills and St. Vincent de Paul's thrift stores in a quest to buy some new materials for the workshops ... I was there watching last year and saw how much fun each child experienced when they put on different hats. Luckily I found about 10 interesting hats and will deliver them tomorrow hopefully before the improvisational class starts.

I found some cute little dishes trimmed in gold that were originally designed for Delta airlines first class food services and I found 11 of them which are perfect for setting and selecting my beads and buttons when I embellish the pieces that are developing slowly but surely ...ready to work on my big work/play table. I found a bolt of rough woven cotton fabric with about 4 to 5 yards of interesting fabrics...a natural fabric that I will wash and try to shrink and use in the studio. I bought and washed four cobalt blue canisters to use for storage and display. But the best was a pair of teapots in a beautiful has a built infuser for loose teas and the second I will use tea bags when we have a group in for critique or a work night. I will photograph them tomorrow before I wrap them up for delivery to the studio. I also found some mother of pearl carved bird pins at Goodwill for $2.00 a piece that I will surely find a million uses for. I need to go to the bank tomorrow and deliver the hats to the Midland Theater and prepare my fabrics for my students for next week's CSI Forensic Investigation Art workshop next Monday. I am getting back to my stitching for now and will include a few more photos from the LCA juried exhibit. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. I always tell myself that when something is taken that THAT person or persons needed that item more than me. That the item knew best where it should go. It helps ME in the forgiving process when I am disappointed in humans for their behavior, sometimes.
    My DIL, Caitlin uses different hats to teach history to her high school classes. She teaches in South Boston in a very poor school. The kids LOVE it. She was dividing up the class for a lesson in European history and assigned a group to be the peasants and to sit on the floor. The kids had never heard the word peasants before. She said that all year long they would call each other peasants, in the hallways and such. lol
    She reminded them that Shakespeare wrote for the enjoyment of the peasants and they got to stand right up in front, next to the stage. They thought that was cool. lololsnort :)Bea

  2. Mary - I must apologise for not getting in touch sooner. I'm catching up now and it looks like you have had an INCREDIBLE few weeks! Wow, a gallery opening; in the newspaper; exhibiting, omg but you've been busy!!
    Your world seems to be rocking right now. And thanks so much for all your lovely, encouraging comments these past few weeks too. You're such a kind, generous spirit.

  3. How kind of you to make the time to find those hats for others. I find that wearing an unusual hat completely transforms the way I feel and act so I just KNOW they will do just that for the children who will be wearing them! Thank you so much for your very kind and thoughtful comment on my blog. I appreciated it more than you can know.