Thursday, May 16, 2013

Thursday morning with my hubby..........

This morning Ken went for an early biopsy ..his numbers have been increasing.  The last time he experienced a traumatic event after his his anticipation levels were up there.  I kept myself as busy as I could but my mind would continue to wander here and there.  I crocheted on a light weight sweater for Arizona...went down to the cafeteria for a scrambled egg and iced tea... and tried to watch mindless morning television.  Nothing seemed to work... but before I knew he was meeting me in the waiting area...a little tired and sore but so ready to come home.  He went to bed...and I tried to be there as still as I could so he would not move up and down from the bed and finally he went to sleep.  A real release from the his totally frustrating we just have to wait until we receive the results next week!  I made comfort foods like chicken and noodles and sour dough toast... he stayed in bed most of the day and we are lucky this experience went better than last experience.

 Here is my new ceramic bird bath for the summer months before I can find the cobalt blue one I am looking is beautiful........
 the love the colors in the wash of natural.....
 my baby rose plant  "tea roses" is growing so quickly...I think I need to transplant it already!!!
 my lilies have been nibbled we put the spray retardant to hopefully protect them........
 here is the rest of my booty...I am collecting wooden spools of threads for a future project and there is the vessel that went with the ceramic bowl...I can see flowers from the meadow this summer in this......the small glass container is for button storage......or beads....
 I also found some hand crocheted pieces and some blue and white lace trims...........
 I also discovered some bright duck cloth for summer art bags and such in the remnant section ...for half price!
I retrieved this drawing book to review some simple lessons for working with my grand children this summer...and found myself going through the whole book and loved the number of artists quotes she had included! 

I think I am rambling goodnight to you all!  Thank you for the support and prayers for my Ken!  Imagine and Live in Peace,  Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. so glad it went better for Ken this time. Prayers for both of you as you wait. Oma Linda

  2. Today is his birthday...what a way to celebrate the big 65!!! Have a great weekend Linda! Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  3. Waiting is the hardest, keep taking those gorgeous photos!

  4. Oh dear, I'm going backwards reading your posts and now I find that your hubby had to go to the hospital. I hope all is well.