Monday, May 6, 2013

Monday Monday...remember the Mommas and Papas???

Yes we were blessed with a gentle mild rainfall lilacs are fragrant and the honeysuckle is in full bloom.  The air is sweet and the new birds are singing happily on my front porch.  Finally the earth is full of grace...and the sun is peeking through beautiful soft clouds unfolding early this morning.  As I drove into downtown to my studio ...the music from the 1960's surrounded my heart with memories from Louisville. 

As I opened up for the day Sarah... a retired psychology professor greeted me and told me her watercolor glass would be having lunch together in the central gallery.  Then sunshine walked in...Candice came in after her weekend graduation celebrations.  We introduced each other and shared lunch and other experiences in making our Art.  It was a great lunch...and then Marilyn retrieved her pins from her broken arm...that she requested Kevin at Myers and Pugh make into a special recovery pendant!  We all laughed at her bravado!!!  In her 80's ...she has more energy that the other artists at the whole table! 

I continued working ...preparing for the remembering of our Father's Days...coming up quickly in June!  As I was working I got a call from a student's mother from back in 1984....her twin sons are both extremely talented and she wanted to invite us to s SURPRISE party on May 19th...before Steve leaves for China.  Yes China...Steve is working on the NEW Star Trek movie with all the original cast.  Steve won an Oscar for the Life of Pi in his digital animation and is now headed back to the movie world and the magic it continues to develop and create!  WOW that year when they doodled in my Math classes has really paid off! 

Sarah ran into one of her former students ...Mike had her back in the early 1990's and he recognized her distinctive voice.  We should all honor our beloved teachers!
 Rhonda has moved to her new home near grandchildren in Columbus but came over for her weekly watercolor class with Marilyn's retired students. She shared her newest adventure ...playing with oil paints.  This is a whole new world of explorations.
 Candice....Judy Doyle....Sarah   and Norma Baird enjoy their lunch before they are on their way to afternoon activities.
 Norma....Carolyn....and the hostess with the most...Marilyn Stocker.
 YES those three pins were from Marilyn's broken arm earlier this she has a Medal of Honor pendant and a weapon for self defense.
 Just look at this lovely and inspirational woman....she is a real motivator and does not let moss grown under her classes and exhibits....... and well a bit of this and bit of that.......
 Cindy and Colton came in to let me know they are ready to work for the summer .... and to say they each have two jobs this summer to cover their college costs...I love these kids!
 The next exhibit in the central gallery is all about South Newark communities...a collaboration with Denison students and the members of the community...this should be a very interesting project and interactive at both ends of the gallery.
 I am on a moustache theme this year for individual Father's Day cards.  tomorrow I will add a golden touch to each card......
 I have the punch ....the stamps....the glasses.... and Father's Day words....for the moustache theme...
 I picked up some different ribbon today at Hobby Lobby and some washi papers for the message inside........
 I just have pure play time when I am making cards......
 I need some key accents for this one......
This is my messy work area...still in progress.... and ready for tomorrow's additional touches.

I hope you had a great Monday in your studio.  Imagine and Live in Peace,  Enjoy the lilacs and honeysuckle scents in the air.  Peace,  Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. Love the mostache theme cards.
    Oh, I hope your hummingbird garden is coming along okay. Can't wait to see pics.

  2. Love how you attract such lovely folks and have them touch you and you them with art. It's a blessing indeed. Thanks for you lovely message of hope for my GK and all of us. We will of course continue to be good to each other and spread that love around. For that is what we are called to do. xoxo Oma Linda

  3. Hello, my name is Jeffrey and I stumbled across this page while searching for at works by Marilyn Stocker Smith. I am uncertain if this is the same Marilyn depicted above. I am curious because I have acquired an original painting called "Winter" I love to collect original art and this one in particular caught my eye which is why I purchased it. I am always trying to get as much info as possible when I collect.The back of the framed art has an address in Ohio on Riggs rd. If anyone can help it would be appreciated.... and thank you.