Tuesday, May 28, 2013

May your Memorial Day be filled with memories of courageous young spirits....

It was a rainy day here.
I think the skies were gently crying.
We are home and trying to catch up on the rest of the world....
I know some of you have felt this numbness and overwhelming loss.
Your thoughts and prayers have lifted me up...and supported my beloved family.

Remember none of us are promised tomorrow.  Follow your heart and passions and tell those you love that your love them.  I am going back into the studio tomorrow...my solace.  I hope my working hands will guide my heart to remember the values...the love my family has shared and the courageous brother who lived his life dedicated to his family. 

I will be back ....I wish you Peace.  Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. welcome back.....and gentleness and peace will fill you within....

    I wish I had some magical words that could heal your hurting heart.
    Sadly I know there are none.
    Take comfort in the happier memories.
    I wish you Peace too.

  3. Make your beloved art and begin to heal....your brother will always be there, just more distant than before, but your heart will be full of him and it will infuse your creative spirit to honor him in this world. xox

  4. My heart goes out to you all. Kimmie has a post about 'finding the light'. You will find yours again in time, in many things and in your art.

  5. Dear Mary Helen..I am so sorry for your loss.......i share it with you ...all my love dear friend....