Sunday, February 10, 2013


Yesterday after working in the studio Ken and I went out to celebrate a young couple in the 80's having a party to celebrate their move to a retirement community.  There 24 people there to rejoice in this big move.  These people have been friends for about six decades...I felt as if I was surrounded by a golden circle of friendship and real love.  I took as many photos to honor our hosts...Don and Betty.  The weather outside may have been cold and chilly but the place was hopping with energy.  I felt so fortunate to be friends with this inspirational lives.  Several are artists with a variety of mediums and techniques...and yet the one common thread is the fact that they are all storytellers.

I began work with a young man yesterday and I will introduce him to you later in the week.   Branson is eager to sketch and ready to create his own images.  We began working with the power of the pencil....tonal marks...shapes and shadows ...and began his first portrait work.  He worked solidly for over 90 minutes and then we took a break and he toured my studio.  He is very interested in drawing dragons so I will head out and select some styles and figures of these Gothic creatures.  He is anxious to begin work in colored pencils.  I gave him a new sketch book for him to put his drawings in and keep them collected until we meet again.  The two hours flew by and I asked him if he liked the work?.... and he said yes.  This was time where one on one ...Branson was able to shine.

Today is kind of a catch up day of relaxation.   Next week we are babysitting with the Spalding children and  on Sunday there is another opening planned for the Collaboration  exhibit at The Works Art Gallery.  Hopefully the weather will be more cooperative for us all and there will be an opportunity to share the stories and messages in these art works.

Ken is making his delicious onion soup this afternoon...and I am quilting ...doing the laundry... and taking care of household duties.  I hope you all have had a wonderful weekend and and some time to renew your spiritual energies and enjoy your families.  Imagine and Live in Peace,  Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. A quiet Sunday here too. I'm taking your advise and taking it easy. Squash soup for supper. Sometimes it's fun to eat orange soup. :)Bea

  2. I love " young couple in their 80s"! Makes me feel I'm still young too. Enjoy relaxing, going on here to. :)

  3. Your life is very full. :) It makes me smile to think of that party - that is a wonderful thing to celebrate. I have this feeling that people like to be with you, Mary Helen. Call it a hunch. :)) xox!

  4. Nice to hear about the "youngsters"! :D
    and how cool about the boy, you are making such a difference.
    xoxo - Cindi

  5. I am so fortunate to have such a wide circle of dear friends. They have taught me so much and I plan on paying this energy forward. I have already found a special book with dragon illustrations....i will learn just as much along with my new friend. Peace be with you, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart