Monday, February 18, 2013

Collaborative Communications--Art Opening

Today is President's Day and Ken and I are both home....sick with colds and coughs.  We have had a very busy weekend with my Branson on Saturday...a birthday party in the central gallery...overnight babysitting with Cole, Morgan and Little Lyndon.  On Sunday morning we came home....showered ...put on our Sunday best to attend to rescheduled opening for Collaborative Communications...curated by Lyn Logan-Grimes and Rosa Rojas.  The room was filled with generations coming to view the collaborations in this family oriented and family themed art process.  I think it was a total success and I pray I was able to get around to everyone as they came in the room.  I am including a short description of some of the artists works and inspirations.

Collaborative Communications

This unique Art installation invites the viewers of all ages to come close for a serious look at each artist's collaboration with a new and upcoming artist. These artist all have a passion to create... connect... and move their patrons. Each artist is working in an authentic way. Some artists are classically trained others are just beginning to discover their own voice. The mediums vary in each artist's journey—you will find fiber works, photography, ceramics, drawings,wood carvings and sculptural pieces. Each artist has chosen to work and create a body of work to give voice to their particular visions, aspirations, messages and personal journeys. Mentoring a young artist...modeling... guiding each person's first footsteps into exhibit works to tell a story. There is a wide range of ages and generations participating and united as friends and relatives. Each artists' progression is actually an energizing force for both the young and the experienced recognized artists. This exhibit encourages diversity focusing on a variety of far-reaching processes and life experiences; and reminds all creative people that, “Sometimes as an artist, we just need a time out to refocus and gather ourselves before starting out again.” This exhibit shares a very private, intimate perspective into each artist and collaborator's visual discussion and personal development. The viewers are invited to look...make their own personal see the threads of communications shared in their individual sacred marks. Feel free to become active participants in viewing and developing your own personal communications.

Carol Phillips Whitt shares compassionate storytelling in the unique creations of ceramic shoes. This display invites us all to really walk in other people's shoes to begin to understand and know their journeys.
Lisa Marie Kelleher, invited by Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart, began her journey as an artist who artistically captured magnificent images of her walks along the Atlantic Ocean—a month long solitude—where she chose to use the lens of her camera to create a photon of light—an image to document and record a new awareness of her artistic voice. This is her first exhibition and she was so excited to SHINE.
Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart has written her journey in the threads, colors and images of her quilts and documents her walk along the Pacific Ocean while exploring a distant shore in Australia. Here we see two women (Mary Helen and Lisa), twenty years difference in ages, developing a similar dialogue through totally different mediums. Both of these talented artist invite you to come look deeply at the intricate details...textures...evidence...revelations in each artists' creative processes.
Queen Brooks worked with five other women and provided materials, inspirations, photo transfers; all creating puzzle pieces of sculptural dialogues.
Janet George creatively blends her personal travels as a photo journalist and professional photographer. As a member of Women of Color she has been actively promoting a distinctly unique view as a vibrant, young black woman.
Rosa Rojas is known in the Ohio Historical Community but in this exhibit she and Lyn Logan Grimes curated an exhibit that expresses her voice in fiber and sculpture. Rosa, inspired by her young niece, has created an artistic discussion of the need for every child to have a quality education.
Baba Olugbala is a prominently recognized artist for his wooden images and paintings—sharing his journey with the community and sharing his history through each carved mark and strong brush stroke he employs. Move his patterns...engage in an emotional dialogue of awakening.
See; then see again. Ask questions. Feel! Widen your own lens and risk communicating your own collaborative marks of art.

I pray you have all had a wonderful weekend and will enjoy pure fresh sunshine today if you are lucky enough to have a day off.  Imagine and Live in Peace,  Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. A great overview of a memorable occasion! No surprise colds get picked up with so many being drawn to you. Feel better soon!

  2. Barbara I am praying you will heat by the end of the day...put the kitten in bed with you for some gentle and purrrrfect warmth! Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart